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Squidoode Pre-Made Coils (2pcs)

Squidoode Pre-Made Coils (2pcs) are high preformance coils. Each coil is hand made in the USA with the highest standard.

24G Fused Clapton Coils by Squidoode - 26AN80/36TMN80
  • 36ga Twisted Messes Nichrome80 over 26ga Anarchist Competition Wire
  • 6 wraps - 2.5mm I.D.
  • Single Coil = 0.24Ω - 0.28Ω
  • Dual Coil = 0.12Ω - 0.14Ω

26G Fused Clapton Coils by Squidoode - 24AN80/36TMN80

  • 36ga Twistedmesses Nichrome80 over 24ga Anarchist Competition Wire
  • 5 wraps - 2.5mm I.D.
  • Single Coil = 0.19Ω 
  • Dual Coil = 0.08Ω

 36G/8ply Staple Coils by Squidoode - 8x .5x.1mm Ribbon KA1/36TMN80

  • 36ga Twistedmesses Nichrome80 over 8pcs of .5x.1mm Kanthal A1 Ribbon Wire
  • 6 wraps – 2.5mm I.D.
  • Single Coil = 0.28Ω – 0.34Ω
  • Dual Coil = 0.14Ω – 0.17Ω

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    - Mods: All mods have "90 days" warranty time.

    - Tank & Coils: All tanks &cCoils have "2 days DOA" warranty time.

    - Chargers: All chargers have "90 days" warranty time.

    - Batteries: All rechargeable batteries have "2 days DOA" warranty time.


    1- All Coils are designed for High VG Eliquids. If your eliquid contains less than 60% VG you will have leaking problems, please purchase accordingly.

    2- You must prime your coil prior to use to ensure you do not burn the cotton in the coil. How to prime a new coil?

    3- Always use batteries in pairs - same brand, mAh, and amp limit

    4- Double check battery polarity position before installing/reinstalling your battery to avoid damage to your device.

    5- Batteries must be flat top 18650 from a quality brand (LG, SONY, SAMSUNG). Using poor 18650 batteries will cause damage to your device and pose a safety risk.

    6- External charger recommended for optimal charging speed and safety.

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