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If you have chosen the insurance option and your parcel is lost or damaged, it is the responsibility of Australia Post to find your parcel or reimburse you for the amount paid for the entire order or just the damaged product(s). This process will require our assistance so please notify us if this is the situation with your order.

This is the risk you are taking by not choosing the insurance option, please watch this video.

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Priming/Saturating a new coil is basically soaking the cotton in the coil with your ejuice so that you don't burn the dry cotton when you fire your mod.

Step 1: Place one drop of your ejuice in the juice-holes on the sides of the coil.

Step 2: Place 3 drops of your ejuice onto the cotton that lines the inside of your coil. Make sure not to put too much ejuice that it overflows.

Step 3: Place your primed coil inside your tank, fill your tank with ejuice and leave aside for at least 3 minutes for the cotton to soak up the ejuice.

Alternatively, you can watch some videos here.

Now your coil is ready to vape. Enjoy!

Leaking is covered by the Manufacturer's Warranty only if the tank has a manufacturing fault (broken glass, misaligned components, missing or damaged seals..) which must be reported to us within 2 days as Dead on Arrival. Any tank is capable of leaking unless the tank is advertised as leak-proof, which then is covered by the manufacturers warranty. Please purchase accordingly.

- If you have a top-filling tank, close your air-flow before filling up the tank with your ejuice.

- What's the vg level on your ejuice?

Almost all coils we stock are designed for High VG Ejuices. If your eliquid contains less than 60% VG you will have leaking problems.

- Have you checked the o-rings?

Check out the o-rings in your tank and coils if there is any missing or misplaced o-ring.

- Do you leave your tank in a hot place like directly under the sun or in the car?

The heat causes the state of the ejuice to become thinner in consistency, therefore, the cotton cannot hold the runny liquid and it leaks out through the air holes.

No, its illegal to sell nicotine in Australia.
The ingredients in the ejuices we supply is a general list from the manufacturer. The nicotine content is listed on the front of the label where it will say "0mg". Our ejuices DO NOT contain any nicotine.