Clearomizers, RBA, RDA, RTA, RDTA?

In this article we will be covering the area of atomisers in vaping and giving our readers and followers the opportunity to have a better understanding and thus deciding which atomiser is right for you.

What is an atomiser? A device for heating and emitting liquid. In vaping there are different types of atomisers available for users;


A tank that is suitable for pre built coil heads. This type of tank is very straight forward easy to use. You are able to buy a pack of coils that screw directly into the bottom of the tank that is then cover by a clear (sometimes coloured) glass. Once the coil is screwed in correctly e-juice is directly placed inside this glass tube and off you go. A coils can last between 4 days to 3 weeks depending on the amount of vaping. If pre built coils are not attached properly there is a chance of leaking. If e-juice is not replenished after hitting the minimum level burning of the pre built coil is imminent. A no fuss alternative to the different types of tanks available.

Rebuildable Atomisers (RBA)

There are three different types of rebuildable atomisers available;

  • RDA (rebuildable dripping atomiser) provides the user on of the best ways to get an immense amount of flavour and vapour. The RDA normally consists of attaching a coil to the base of the tank and then wicking that coil with vaping cotton. When wanting to use the RDA you need to drip e-juice directly onto the coil itself. As you vape and the coil dries out you are required to re drip more e-juice onto the coil. The RDA requires the user to drip e-juice every four to five hits/vapes as e-juice is dripped straight onto the coil and there is no e-juice reservoir for a RDA. As the drip tip or mouth piece is directly above the coil it gives the user the very dense flavoured vaping experience.

  • RTA (rebuildable tank atomiser) this particular tank has a build deck ready to add coils and wick. The user installs coils at the bottom of the tank and once cotton is inserted a sleeve goes over the top of the build deck to create a chamber like effect. At this point e-juice is added into the wick holes which then goes to the coils. Constant dripping of e-juice is not required like the RDA making it more convenient. However, leaking is an issue if wicking is not done correctly as this is the only thing that stops the e-juice from leaking through the wick holes and out onto your device.

  • RDTA (rebuildable dripping tank atomiser) varying from the RDA and RTA is that the buildable deck moves from the bottom of the tank to the top section. The RDTA is built as the RDA by attaching the coils and threading the wick. However, instead of tucking the wicks underneath the coil the user pushes them down the wick hole which leads to an e-juice reservoir. As the wick is in the reservoir the e-juice is absorbed by the wick and then moves up to the coils. As the e-juice is at the bottom of the tank there is virtually no where for the e-juice to leak.

These are our recommendations at Vape Street Australia;

Clearomizer: Uwell Crown 4 Tank 6ml Capacity

RDA: Bonza v1.5 24mm RDA by Vandy Vape

RDTA: Wotofo Faris 24mm RDTA

RTA: Zeus 25mm RTA by Geekvape


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