Prebuilt RDA/RTA Coils

We stock best quality prebuilt coils (Alien, Clapton, Fused Clapton and Framed) from the most famous builders around the world for Australian Vapers!

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        Squidoode Pre-Made Coils (2pcs)

        Squidoode Pre-Made Coils (2pcs) are high preformance coils. Each coil is hand made in the USA with the highest standard. 24G Fused Clapton Coils by Squidoode - 26AN80/36TMN80 36ga Twisted Messes...

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        Feenz Pre-Built Coils (2pcs)

        Feenz Fused Clapton's are 2x26ga AN80 comp wire, wrapped with 40ga KPN80. 6 wraps on a 3mm. With a resting resistance between 0.16 - 0.18 ohms. These are ideal for mechanical...

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        4DOZEN Prebuilt Coils

        4DOZEN Prebuilt Coils is a magical box of 48 prebuilt coils by VaporTech is a real treat for coil builders. The box offers 8 types of perfectly built coils that are ready...

        Premade Alien Coils (10pcs)

        Premade Alien Coils - 0.3*0.8mm+32G Kanthal A1 Wire - 0.25 Ohm each coil by Vaportech. Price for 10pcs Pre-made Alien Coils, comes with a small cotton pad.

        Premade Fused Clapton Coils (10pcs)

        Premade Fused Clapton Coils - 2*28g+32g Kanthal A1 Wire - 0.45 Ohm each coil by Vaportech. Price for 10pcs Pre-made Fused Clapton (twisted) Coils, comes with a small cotton pad.

        Sarcastic Builds PreMade Coils (2pcs)

        Sarcastic Builds PreMade Coils are made with Anarchist wire and Twisted Messes wire and comes with the Kendo Vape Cotton. 26G Fused Clapton - 2 x 26g AN80/40gTMN80 2.5mm 26G Alien -...

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        Coil Master Ready Box Coils

        Coil Master Ready Box Coils has been designed primarily to give the vaper a rich and flavoursome vaping experience! Includes, 3 pairs of advanced coils along with pre-cut Japanese organic cotton....