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The History of Vaping

The History of Vaping

Every wondered how and who invented vaping well this article will take a look into how and who invented e-cigarettes.

The invention that has helped millions of people around the world to stop smoking with flavoured e-liquid using a hand held electronic device. It started as a very small community that eventually turned into a giant industry. As the industry grew so has the technology and variety of device available for purchase.

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This idea and concept of vaping and e-cigarettes was created by an individual and his name is Hon Lik. In 2001 a pharmacist in China was looking to quit smoking. At this time the only available options to help quit smoking were nicotine patches and nicotine gum. Han tries the patches but to no avail. Using the patches gave him nightmares so he started to seek alternative ways to stop. He starts by developing Chinese remedies to aid the process, but with little success as non of these remedies subsided the craving for conventional cigarettes. Han then comes up with the genius idea of developing a system that vaporised food grade solvents. After 2 years of perfecting his idea in 2003 he developed a device that used ultrasound to vaporise liquid containing nicotine, which was the e-cigarettes first debut.

The e-cigarette no longer uses ultrasound to vaporise e-liquid as it has involved tremendously since 2003.