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Summer Vaping Tips You Need To Know!

Summer Vaping Tips You Need To Know!

With Summer just around the corner and the heat fast approaching there are a few things you need to know in caring for your device to eliminate any potential harm to your set up.

With sunny weather and summer it is always the time that we are outdoors. One of the perfect companions to a nice sunny day is your e-cigarette device filled with your favourite e-liquid. The summer heat can pose some harm not only to your device but also heavily alter your e-liquid.

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The top three vaping tips during summer are as follows;

1. The sun and uv rays can alter the flavour of your e-liquid. If you have ever left your device or e-liquid in direct sunlight you may have noticed a change in colour. This is because the sun or uv rays actually alters to compound in the e-liquid. You may also notice that the taste has changed or that the nicotine if any is not as potent. 

2. With your device in direct sunlight it will run hot and effect your battery life. This will make your device not last as long as it would normally when in a cooler or shaded environment. This is because heat effects the Lithium Ion within battery itself. If the battery gets to hot it will not preform as well as it should and will cause permanent damage to your cells.

3. Always have some tissue or paper towel with you when vaping in summer in the heat. The heat causes the tank or pod to leak. The heat or as mentioned above the uv rays makes the e-liquid you are using thinner thus flooding your coils. Another reason why your tank or pod may leak is due to abrupt sudden temperature changes. Going from 30 degree outside heat into a room that is air-conditioned can cause pressure changes inside the tank.

Always try to avoid direct sun light. Keep you device in a shady area or your bag.

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