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Squonking Explained

Squonking - Squonk Mods & Squonk RDAs Australia

What is Squonking?

If you have already dwelled into the world of vaping, you have most likely already started trying out new, different mods.  If you experienced other mods, then it is most likely time that you get more serious and try out to squonk.

Squonking Explained

You have most likely heard of the Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers. While it holds many benefits for the vapers, it also poses a few problems as well such as having to drip more liquid quite frequently which also lead to often making a big mess, not only interrupting your vaping session but also having to clean it up.

Squonking - Squonk Mods & Squonk RDAs Australia

Squonking deals with all of these problems with ease. It is a method of refilling your vaping juice without having to open it up. The other way people call squonking is “bottom feeding”, which comes for obvious reasons.

The squonk mods are essentially a method which holds a tank at the bottom of the vaper and enables you to send in juice by squeezing it, going directly into the atomizer. Even though the concept was developed in 2009, the first fully working and commercial squonk mod was released in 2010, and it has since become a standard.

How Does It Exactly Work Though?

The squonk mods have been designed in a manner which holds enough space to add an extra tank or juice bottle. Through a tube, it is connected to the tank which then runs up to the RD through a hole. With the ease of use in mind, the mod is designed with an exterior hole which enables the user to apply pressure to the juice bottle in order to make the juice travel up the tube and into the RDA, refilling your RDA.

One of the biggest troubles for vaping enthusiasts was the constant refills a vaper would have to make. That is quite annoying; fortunately, a few manufacturers managed to change that and adopted the squonk mods as a standard for their vaporisers.

Equipment for Your Vaporiser

In case that you have an older vaporiser or one that does not have a squonk mod, don’t worry, the following equipment would enable you to fully utilise it. Unfortunately, an old RDA might make it more complicated.

The market offers both unregulated and regulated mods which are especially designed for squonking. Depending on the wattage you search and the temp control you desire there are a variety of different options, and you could be quite flexible with your pick. You are absolutely free to find the exact squonk mod you need, exactly per your preferences and needs as well as the level of vaping.

Finding the squonk mod is just half of the work, though. You need a squonk tank which support is and is meant for squonking. It would have to have a hole from which the juice could come up and another hole to allow the excessive amount of juice to go back down into the juice tank.

You are all now set up and have the information needed to start prepare your squonking vaper.