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Picking A Coil For Your Device!

Picking A Coil For Your Device!

One of the most frequently asked questions that beginners also have is which coil should I use?

As you may be aware a lot of the available tanks and devices have a variety of coil options. You more than likely have come across 0.2ohm, 0.6ohm, 1ohm, 1.5ohm and 1.8ohm. Depending on the type of vaping you like and the outcome you want to achieve is what normally determines the ohm variant you choose.

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For instance a 1.2ohm coil is more suitable for mouth to lung vaping. Essentially with this coil you would use thinner e-liquids. Potentially having a higher PG volume but nothing higher than a 50/50 PG/VG. This particular coil and ohm resistance will give you less air flow, tighter draw and more of a throat hit.

On the other hand the 0.6ohm coils is going to supply more air flow. It is going to be a looser draw. You will get a more intense flavour of the e-liquid and you are able to use thicker e-liquids when vaping. With this particular coil and ohm resistance you can have a PG of up to 70. As a rule of thumb you would not use anything lower than a 60 PG containing e-liquid as it would be too thin.

Many devices have a multiple of ohm resistant coils available to give you the ability to enhance your vaping experience. It is a matter of deciding what you needs and whats are then tweaking in areas to best suit you.

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