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New to Vaping - Where do I begin?

Mods, kits, coils, ejuices… the list never ends! And if you’re new to vaping, this can be overwhelming. But you’ve taken the first step to quit smoking which is phenomenal. Now, lets get down to business and clarify everything you need to know to begin your vaping journey.

There are many aspects to consider when switching to vaping, but we’ve simplified them into 4 steps for you.

1. Which type of e-cigarette is right for you?
Pen-style, Mod or pod system? This is based mainly on your smoking habits. Are you a pack a day smoker or a social smoker? If you’re a heavy smoker, then a box-mod like…. Or …. Will surely satisfy you. With Vaping lower ohms, the bigger the clouds and stronger the throat hit. However, if you’re a light smoker or just enjoy a couple of smokes socially, then a pen-style mod like…. Or a pod-system mod like…. Will be the right choice for you. These types of e-cigarettes don’t create the massive clouds you often see and won’t give you a harsh throat hit.

2. Bits and bobs of an e-cigarette.

The main components of an e-cigarette is the tank (where your liquid will be filled), the battery (your power supply), the coil (heats up the e-juice which then turns it into vapour) and the e-juice (the liquid you will vape). The tank is where the coil in screwed in and the juice is filled. When you press the button on your device to start vaping, the battery will heat the coil and turn the e-juice into vapour to be inhaled.

3. Safety first.
Vaping is an electronic device - so it is crucial to say that you need to treat it like one. Leaving the e-cigarette under direct sunlight or in a hot vehicle will cause it to over-heat and inevitably have the battery explode causing damage and/or harm to its surroundings. Do not leave your e-cigarette within reach of small children and always handle your device with the utmost care.

4. Vape Legally.
Firstly, it is legal to use an e-cigarette in Australia. However, unfortunately it is illegal to purchase e-liquids containing nicotine for personal use from an Australian vape retailer. You will need to purchase nicotine based e-juices or pure nicotine to mix into your current e-juices from an overseas retailer, provided you have a doctor’s certificate. It is also illegal to vape in public places - the same situation with smoking cigarettes. These laws differ from state to state so be sure to check your local authority for exact rules regarding the use of e-cigarettes.