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Is Your Tank Leaking?

Is Your Tank Leaking?

So you have been using your device and notice that the e-juice is leaking all over the device. This article will cover leaking tanks and how best to prevent this from happening.

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is why is my tank leaking?

There are a few different factors that we need to consider when answering this question.

The most obvious answer to this is your coil. This is where you would start to check for any leakage. Coils are mass produced and we buy these normally in a pack of 3 or 5. Due to the large quantity of production quality control can sometimes go amiss. As there is no way to test all of the coils that come off the assembly line sometimes there are bad coils the we come across. Changing the coil will normally fix this problem instantly.

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If changing the coil has not eliminated the problem then taking a look at temperature changes would be the next step. Using your e-cigarette device in a cooler room then suddenly using it in a warmer area can also cause tank leakage. All tanks when they are closed off has a slight amount of pressure thats keeping the e-juice in there. With the change in temperature that is going to fluctuate the pressure inside the tank which will cause some leakage. This is normally not a very big issue but something to keep in mind.

Another issue that can cause the tank to leak is broken or damaged seals. Almost all tanks have o-rings or seals that sit inside the rim of the tank itself. These o-rings actually seal everything inside the tank. Overtime these do get damaged, broken or have cracks however this is also an easy fix as most tanks come with spare o-rings.

Finally the other most important reason for leaky tanks could be that you are firing the device at a very low wattage. All coils have a wattage range which the user need to remember. When you fire at a low wattage the coil is going to suck in the e-liquid and it is not going to vaporise fast enough which is going to cause the e-liquid to drip to the bottom and leak.


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