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Is a Pod Mod Right for Me?

Vape Pods have quickly become a favourite over the traditional vape mods we know and love. With their sleek, stylish and compact designs, Pods are perfect for those looking for fuss-free quality vaping without lugging around a large and heavy device. Pods are ideal for vapers who are constantly on the go and require something a bit more powerful than a vape pen but less hassle than a mod.

Making the switch to a Pod system begs the question - is it the right type of e-cigarette for me? Well, let’s take a look at 3 main factors which will help you to answer that question.

How much power do you prefer? 

If you’re looking for an intense sub-ohm vape with intense flavour and larger, thicker vapour clouds, then a vape mod would be your best pick. Vape mods have a world more technology integrated into them and a much higher battery power in their larger hardware to produce such results. But if your desire is convenience and practicality, and you’re happy with a slimmer and compact device, then a Pod mod will be a better choice for you. There are many pod systems available on the vape market today that tiny but mighty, minus the heavy bulk you would get with a mod kit.

What shape and size do you fancy? 

Are you the type of vaper who loves the large, sturdy, hand grenade-type look and feel of a vape mod or do you prefer a smaller, sleeker designed pod system which are much less bulky to carry around and fit comfortably in pockets, bags and purses?

In recent times, the biggest drawbacks of vape mods was their larger shapes and sizes, and their potential for leaking as they were assembled by users themselves. Today, these issues are no longer around. Everyday, innovative technology finds new ways to manufacture smaller and slimmer vape mods, without compromising on performance or power. Pod mods are fast becoming the latest vaping trend through its modern style, ergonomic shapes for a comfortable hold, leakproof casing and their smaller, sleeker and lighter designs. If portability is a priority for you as a vaper, then a pod kit will definitely suits your needs.

Do you want the option to customise your vape?
This can be an important part of the overall experience for veteran vapers. The way you vape determines many things like the type of coils used, interchangeable tanks and different batteries. This kind of personal customisation can only be achieved with an advanced vape mod. Vape mods offer experienced vapers a vast selection of options and pure control over the functionality of the device without having to change any of the hardware. Temperature, wattage, battery power, voltage and much more can all be adjusted to enhance the perfect vape experience. On the other hand, if this type of total control does not matter to you as much, a pod mod will be the better option and will give you less hassle when setting up your new device.

Apart from having a smaller and stronger ergonomic design, Pod mods are comfortable to hold and pocket-friendly. Refills are easy and mess free and they have the capacity to give you large clouds and pure flavour. Head over to our Pod Systems collection today to choose the right Pod mod for you.