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How To Choose Your First Vape Kit

How To Choose Your First Vape Kit

So you have decided that you want to stop smoking or you want to try out the new thing 'vaping'. We have done a little review for you to help make an informed choice about which device is right for beginners.

With so many different varieties and choices out there it may be a daunting task trying to pick and figure out which kit is the one for you. The most important thing to remember is that as a beginner it is always best to keep things simple.

Mouth to Lung (MTL) Ecigarette Kits Australia

As a first step we recommend an e-pen style starter kit. These pen style kits are affordable, very reliable, easy to use, convenient to charge and carry comfortably due to there size. Here are a few starter e-pen kits to consider;

Mouth To Lung (M2L/MTL) Kits

  • Innokin Endura T20-S Kit ($35.95)

  • Joyetech Ego Aio Kit ($29.99 - $30.99)

  • Joyetech Exceed D19 Kit ($39.95)

  • Aspire K3 Starter Kit ($49.75)

  • Joyetech Ego Aio Eco Kit ($21.95)

  • Digiflavor Upen Aio Kit ($35.95)

Direct Inhale (DL/DTL) Kits

  • Vaporesso Veco One Kit ($35.95 - $36.95)

  • Vaporesso Cascade One Plus SE Kit ($59.95)

  • Smok Stick X8 Kit ($52.95 - $55.95)

These above mentioned kits are the most simplest to use without any fuss or confusion. All these kits will contain a charing cable, an extra coil, a tank for the e-liquid, a users manual and spare parts. These kits come in very many different colours and styles.

So you have read the above and said what is MTL and DTL? There are two common ways of vaping. The Direct Inhale (DL or DTL) and the Mouth To Lung (M2L or MTL). Knowing the difference between the two techniques can help make your vaping experience a good one and also give you the ability to choose the right first e-cigarette for you. Each technique will provide a different experience and result.

The MTL is regarded as the most similar to smoking. It is the most common first choice for beginner vapers especially if they are ex-smokers. It involves drawing in the vapour to your mouth first, before inhaling to the lungs. The DTL is compared to the experience of smoking a Shisha. It involves drawing the vapour straight down into the lungs. It gives a more intense taste and dense cloud.

There are other factors that can contribute to the whole experience of vaping. Things like ohm resistance, battery strength and airflow. We hope that this article has helped you to pick the right beginners starter kit.

If you have any questions or would like further information on vaping please send us an email or follow our upcoming articles.