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Buying Eliquid in Australia

Buying Eliquid in Australia

What is E-liquid?

The liquid substance placed into the tank of your chosen vaping device is known as e-liquid, e-juice, vaping liquid or vaping juice. There are 4 main ingredients used in combination that produces this substance. E-liquid is made up of VG, PG, Flavourings and Nicotine if desired.

What is VG and PG?

PG is properly known as Propylene Glycol. It is a thin and very runny liquid like water in consistency. The main purpose of PG is to dissolve and carry flavourings. One of its other uses in e-liquids is to dilute nicotine. PG also provides and gives the throat hit sensation in vaping.

VG or Vegetable Glycerine as it is known is quite the opposite to PG. It has a very thick consistency like gel. On its own it providers the user with a veery smooth throat hit. VG has a slightly sweet taste. It's main function in e-liquid is to produce the vapour or cloud of air during vaping.

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If the vaper is after producing bigger clouds or a larger amount of vapour then they would generally use an e-liquid with a higher VG volume or ratio. If on the other hand a stronger hit with more flavour is what you are after then an e-liquid with a higher PG ratio would be the desired choice. All these different mixes and ratio's of PG and VG will give you a different experience.

Flavourings are the last of what is present in e-liquids. There are a vast amount of different types of flavourings you are able to choose from. Many different brands have different mixes and ratio's available for purchase. Our recommendation is that you try many different types until you find one that is right for you. Our most popular selling brands are; 

  • Pachamama E-juices 
  • Jam Monster Ejuices 
  • The Milkman E-liquids

By understanding the concept of what is present in e-liquid and what each properties functions are you will be able to choose or even mix your own e-liquid to have the best vaping experience for you.

If you have any questions or would like further information on vaping please send us an email or follow our upcoming articles.