E-Cigarettes or Nicotine Patches?

In a recent research study performed in Auckland, New Zealand, 657 smokers who wanted to quit were recruited, and were assigned randomly to three groups. 580 people were split into two groups and were given a 13-week supply of either nicotine patches or e-cigarettes that delivered nicotine vapour. The remaining 77 people were given placebo ecigarettes.

Six months later, the volunteers were interviewed and had their breath analysed for carbon monoxide indications of smoking, to rate their success in giving up smoking cigarettes.
The success rate amongst the first group given e-cigarettes was 7.3 per cent, compared with 5.8 per cent in the nicotine patch group and 4.1 per cent in the non-nicotine e-cigarette group.
This study goes to show that e-cigarettes which accommodate for the same actions and sensations of cigarette smoking and also aid in smoking cessation.