Will Vaping Lead Teens to Smoking Cigarettes?

Some people promote e-cigarettes and vaping as a way to help smokers quit. What about the opposite? Vaping can lead to regular smoking in the future.

Johns Hopkins cardiologist shares insights into the dangers of vaping and why it is healthier to avoid cigarettes or electronic substitutes.

Vaping: is it safe? Vaping: Is it Safe?

Michael Blaha, M.D. Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins and Director of Clinical Research at the Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

Blaha claims that vaping is unsafe, even though it may not be as harmful as smoking.

Can Vaping Lead to Cigarette Smoking?

Nicotine, a substance addictive in tobacco, is found in some e-cigarettes. Since 2016, the Food and Drug Administration has regulated e-cigarettes and vape juices laced with nicotine as tobacco products.

Blaha says vaping is far more harmful than using nothing at all, even though the FDA recently took a position more in favor of what they call “modified-risk” tobacco products, which cause less harm than cigarettes.

He says that kids have a poor understanding of vaping products. Sometimes they don’t even know if there is nicotine or the dosage or the effect of flavorings.

They might believe electronic cigarettes are safe because they’re more acceptable in society than traditional cigarettes.

Do Vapes or E-Cigarettes Lead Teens to Smoking?

Blaha is also concerned with the behavior of vapers.

The so-called “gateway effect” is probably the number one concern with vaping. According to our literature, 2 million young adults are using electronic cigarettes for the first time. They are not trying to stop smoking – they have never smoked.

Nicotine is highly addictive in all its forms. Kids can develop a costly and tenacious habit of vaping and using nicotine-laced products.

Blaha claims that there is evidence to suggest that vaping by young people increases their likelihood of using illicit drugs or tobacco products, such as cigarettes.

He says that young people could cause the next smoking outbreak by becoming addicted to electronic cigarettes.

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