Using e-cigarettes to stop smoking

Recently, electronic cigarettes have become an incredibly well-known stop-smoking aid across the UK.

Also called e-cigarettes, vapes, or e-cigs, They’re safer than cigarettes and can assist you in quitting smoking cigarettes for good.

They are unsuitable for people who smoke cigarettes and are not sold to anyone younger than 18.

What are electronic cigarettes, and what is their purpose?

An e-cigarette is a gadget that allows you to breathe nicotine vapor instead of smoking.

Electronic cigarettes do not burn tobacco, and they don’t generate carbon monoxide or tar, which are one of the more harmful components present in tobacco smoke.

They operate by heating the liquid (electronic liquid), typically made up of nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and flavorings.

The use of an electronic cigarette is referred to as vaping.

Can vaping help me quit smoking cigarettes?

Many individuals throughout the UK have quit smoking tobacco with the help of electronic cigarettes. Evidence suggests that they could be very effective.

A 2021 study found that those who use e-cigarettes to quit smoking and receive support from a professional face-to-face are up to two times more likely to succeed than those using nicotine replacement products such as gum or patches.

Using an electronic cigarette will help you control the craving for nicotine. To get the most enjoyment of it, ensure that you’re using it as frequently as possible and using the correct amount of nicotine in the e-liquid you’re using.

You will unlikely reap the full benefits of vaping until you stop smoking cigarettes entirely.

The assistance of a professional by contacting your neighborhood Stop Smoking Service gives you the best chance of stopping smoking cigarettes permanently.

Find the nearest Stop Smoking Service.

What should I consider when choosing the right e-cigarette?

Many electronic cigarettes exist, such as vape bars, pens, pod devices, mods, and Cigalikes. They are rechargeable or disposable.

It’s equally important to choose the right amount of nicotine you’re using in the e-liquid, which will be determined by the number of cigarettes you consume. Get information on e-liquids and models from a specialist shop for vapes.

Find more information about E-cigarettes, liquids, and vaping for quitting smoking on the Better Health website.

Are they safe to use e-cigarettes?

In the UK, E-cigarettes are strictly controlled for quality and safety.

Vaping isn’t entirely risk-free. However, it does carry just a percentage of the risk associated with smoking cigarettes. The long-term dangers of vaping aren’t obvious.

E-cigarettes don’t generate carbon monoxide or tar, one of the most dangerous components in cigarettes.

The vapor and liquid contain certain chemicals that could be harmful, similar to those found in cigarettes, but in a lesser amount.

What are the risks associated with nicotine?

While nicotine is the primary addictive ingredient in cigarettes, the bulk of the harm caused by smoking tobacco comes from the tens of thousands of other chemicals in cigarettes, many of which are poisonous.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) has been extensively used for several years to assist people in quitting smoking cigarettes and is a reliable treatment.

Can e-cigarettes be used for pregnant women?

There isn’t much research on the safety of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids during pregnancy. It isn’t known if the vapor poses a risk to babies during pregnancy.

If you’re pregnant, certified NRT products like gum and patches are an excellent solution to stop smoking.

If you find electronic cigarettes helpful in eliminating smoking and staying smoke-free, it’s safer for your child and you than smoking cigarettes.

Do e-cigarettes pose a fire risk?

There have been incidents of e-cigarettes that explode or catching fire.

As with all rechargeable electronic devices, the proper charger should be used, and the machine shouldn’t be left charging in a closed circuit or in the dark.

A safety concern has been reported in the use of electronic cigarettes.

If you think you’ve had a health-related issue when using your electronic cigarettes or want to report a defect in the product or a defect in the product, you can do so via this Yellow Card Scheme.

Do e-cigarettes cause harm to other people?

There’s no evidence to suggest that smoking cigarettes causes harm to others who are around you.

This contrasts with smoke inhalation (secondhand smoke), which is believed to be highly harmful to health.

Do I have the option of getting an electronic cigarette through my GP?

Electronic cigarettes aren’t available through the NHS with a prescription, which means you won’t be able to purchase the device from a GP.

You can purchase them at unique vape shops, pharmacies, or on the Internet.

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