Where do you vape in the world? Ruthless, as guests at Tobacco Plus Expo International, kicked off 2019 in a big way. We had a great time!

These conventions are packed with brand-new tech, products, entertainment, and education. Imagine traveling with your friends to a popular location. Check-in, get your name badge personalized, and perhaps a few freebies to get you going. You enter a vaper paradise with every flavor, mod, and tool you can imagine. You could be there! This is your chance to see the people behind the brands you love.

What to Expect at a Vape Convention


What kid doesn’t like samples? (Remember your childhood at Costco). You’ll most likely get a goodie bag upon arrival that you purchased with your ticket. You will find marketing material from the vendors in it. Take a look! Make sure to get the most from your experience. You can try out new things and decide what you enjoy. You can then choose which booths to visit. You should not ask for freebies but accept them if you are interested.

Wear the right thing.

You’ll be walking A LOT. As you move from the food and drink area to the vendors to the main stage, you will be putting in a lot of steps. When you’re getting ready, consider your footwear. As a form of marketing, many vendors will give away tote bags. However, you should bring your bag to carry any purchases. You’ll want to keep your hands free so you can try out samples and shake hands with people. You may also want to bring cash. Most vendors accept cards. Cash on hand could mean the difference between a new mod and you!

Bring an extra battery for your vape or a portable charger because the day will be long and awesome.


Your senses will be overwhelmed when you attend your first convention. You will see business owners, employees of the venue, guests, keynote speakers, and celebrities all around. Be prepared to absorb everything. You can move around the convention in any way you choose. You can ask questions at any time! This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions of industry experts.

This is the year to attend a vape event or expo if you haven’t done so yet. Global events are ready and primed to be memorable for a lifetime!

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