Another high schooler was a victim of police violence due to smoking. A black special-needs pupil, Katherine Williams, was assaulted and detained for smoking e-cigarettes in his school’s bathroom.

When Katherine was freed from the prison cell, He was sluggish, and his face was swelling. After being taken to urgent treatment, the doctor said that the injuries were caused by an injury to the blunt force across his body.

Regina Williams, Keitherine’s legal guardian, could see part of the surveillance footage when she was in the classroom simultaneously with school officials. She claims she could see several people sitting on the top of Keitherine and an officer kneeling on her nephew’s neck and back.

“It’s wrong for anybody to brutalize, to slam, to hurt any kid at school. We send our kids to school to be safe, not to come home hurt just because of a vape,” she stated.

Children who haven’t had a problem with cigarettes decide to start vape smoking; it’s not beneficial. Nicotine addiction can be challenging to overcome and is not something students should be concerned about. However, the consequence of smoking cigarettes should not be the use of violence on children or even abuse that’s sufficient to warrant an appointment with a specialist.

One of the biggest worries about a pending ban on menthol is the possibility of increased violence in Black smokers and vapers since menthol is the most sought-after substance in the hands of Black smoking and vaping. But despite Black people being only a small percentage of vapers, they’ve been the most frequent victims of brutality by police due to the vape ban, which suggests that the worries are rooted in real-life circumstances.

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