Puff Bar, the most well-known disposable vape, has given the FDA another issue with another flaw in their laws governing vapes.

The last occasion that Puff Bar made the news the reason was when they declared that disposables were different from the prohibited vape cartridge devices. Instead of using disposable pods, the whole machine was only used once and then discarded.

The FDA quickly resorted to its authority to enforce the law and extend vaping devices to be disposable, too. Despite the prohibition of Puff Bars, they’re still being sold in a variety of places, ranging from online markets and convenience shops. One of the challenges the FDA faced when it came to the process of regulating Puff Bars was the challenge of locating the original makers of the devices – something vapers were unable to identify.

Today, Puff Bar has returned and is taking advantage of an aspect of the FDA’s rulings. Synthetic nicotine isn’t currently a tobacco product. A lot of vapers didn’t consider this possibility.

When it comes to devices, they can all be classified as tobacco products because they are designed to allow tobacco products to be utilized within them.

In the case of e-liquids and e-liquids, the costs of synthetic nicotine are brought into the equation. Synthetic nicotine is significantly more expensive than nicotine derived from tobacco plants. Many companies are not worth investing so much money to create products that contain synthetic nicotine. Synthetic nicotine will primarily draw unwelcome FDA interest.

But, if a product were shipped out with no tobacco derivatives and were not designed to be filled again, the device would technically not be a product made from tobacco. Although technically it’s legal, it’s likely to draw enough FDA attention and won’t remain legal for a long time.

Although the FDA indeed recognizes the problem, they have said that they don’t want to provide any information about the ongoing investigation. Their swift action is not surprising considering the numerous issues Puff Bar alone has given them in the past, as well as Puff Bar’s intended market. Puff Bar has a reputation as being the brand preferred by illegal, young vapers after Juul’s disposable pods were deemed unfit for use. There is a good chance that the avenues for the benefit of synthetic nicotine will be shut down in the future.

The use of nicotine that is synthetic is not the primary problem that is on the minds of many voters due to the fact that there is a USPS vape ban on the horizon. However, the use of nicotine synthetically could be an issue in the near future, and it is something to keep in mind.

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