Phillip Morris International (PMI) purchased Swedish Match, a company known for its snus or tobacco bags. Swedish Match is an exciting tobacco business, as it’s a company that produces tobacco but does not manufacture cigarettes. Instead of Swedish Match, the company focuses on nicotine pouches and snacks. What exactly are snus, and how will they affect smoking vapes long-term? Let’s get started with the fundamentals.


Snus is a type that is a tobacco-based product. They are a kind of tobacco that originates from Sweden and are pronounced similar to moose, but with an s in place rather than the M. Snus are small teabags filled with tobacco. A snus must be placed inside the mouth and between the gums and lips.

One of the main reasons that they are so popular is that their immediate adverse effects tend to be less unpleasant than chewing tobacco or cigarettes. Snus generally do not produce more odors or spit than chewing tobacco or traditional cigarettes. Some snacks even come with spices, menthol, or fruit flavorings.

What are nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches are similar to snus and may be considered a distinct kind of snus. Instead of being filled with tobacco leaves, nicotine pouches are filled with a non-tobacco-based substance, while nicotine can be added to the bags, giving them the same effects as the snus. The most well-known Nicotine pouch is Zyn, which Swedish Match manufactures in Sweden.


Snus stands out because it’s an item that has been through the Pre-Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) procedure. The FDA has granted the product the Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP) designation. Swedish Match’s snacks are legally sold within the U.S. market and can be promoted as a healthier cigarette alternative. While snus were not widely popular when the application was approved, they soon became famous when Phillip Morris decided to invest in their development. Swedish Match also has the most notable fruity-flavored snus, which was approved due to the Marketing Equivalence Order. The snus dubbed Timber Wolf Pouches Peach was approved in December 2019, and it is a snus that tastes like peaches.

While Zyn does not appear to have an approved marketing order, an application has likely been filed as the FDA hasn’t sent out any warnings concerning Zyn. Also, nicotine-based products containing synthetic nicotine wouldn’t be required to apply a PMTA before the legislation was changed to include synthetic nicotine, a part of the definition of tobacco products. If the PMTA was submitted earlier than other products, it could still be considered part of the PMTA procedure.


The most obvious is that snus is an alternative for former vapers searching for legal, tasty cigarette options available in the U.S.

In addition, they could be relevant in legal disputes before the FDA. For instance, California laws probably prohibit flavor-infused snacks; however, they are legally permitted to be offered through the FDA.

The rising popularity can also bring criticism too. While nicotine pouches and snus are gaining popularity, brands or products have become as well-known as Juul and Puff Bar. Despite FDA approval, however, groups like Truth Initiative push for stricter laws aimed at snus. There is a chance that the legislation will regulate snus, but it could also affect vaping.

Snus isn’t nearly as popular as other tobacco items. They’re worth looking at as an alternative to tobacco and are worth watching because of the potential to influence the law regarding tobacco products.

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