Lawmakers and parents are calling for the government to take action. What’s the reason? Teens are becoming increasingly inclined to use electronic cigarettes and various vape products.

The outcry for action creates pressure on the makers of electronic cigarettes, e-liquid manufacturers, and Vape retailers. The pressure on them is to be more proactive in keeping vaping from the hands of teenagers. However, studies show that they might not be entirely responsible. Young people are increasingly getting vape juice, electronic cigarettes, or tobacco from different sources.

As industry leaders as leaders in our field, we have the responsibility of helping to stop teens from smoking vapes. We offer these suggestions to assist in identifying, deterring, and helping the parent who wants to prevent their child from using.


The data on teens’ vaping habits are out. As a parent of a teenager, the information provided through the Youth Tobacco Survey conducted by the FDA could be alarming.

The survey gathered data about the use of different types of tobacco. This includes cigarettes, smokeless tobacco pip, e-tobacco, and hookah tobacco tobacco, which is made from herbs, such as cloves, biis, and herbal cigarettes. The data collected from the survey revealed the results of these products. They also reported the frequency with which students in high and middle schools utilized them.

Based on these researches came the negative reaction to smoking electronic cigarettes. This is not surprising since the results of the tobacco survey showed an increase in the usage of electronic cigarettes.

The findings of the study included the following increase from the previous calendar year (2017):

  • A projected growth of 1.5 million students using electronic cigarettes.
  • For students in High School alone, there was a 78 percent growth. Also, there is a growth in the frequency of use, and vape flavors are the most popular choice for the younger generation.
  • Middle school use grew by 48 percent percent over the prior year. The study found that about 3.3 percent of middle schoolers used electronic cigarettes in 2017, and 4.9 percent of students smoked vapes in 2018.
  • Sixty-eight percent of youth who are vaping use flavored varieties of electronic cigarettes. This is a 4 percent increase in consumption over the previous year.


Although the prevalence of tobacco-related products at middle school levels is worrying in itself, the use of tobacco products among middle school students is alarming. The study found the largest rise in tobacco use in teens in high schools. Nearly three times the amount of usage difference among the two age groups.

Overall, in the year 2018, the survey estimated that five million teens use any of the cigarettes identified in the study. More than half of teens who smoke tobacco use two or more variants of the product.

Which was your most commonly used tobacco product that was surveyed in this study?


It is estimated that 72 percent of teens were vaping or using electronic cigarettes. It is the most commonly used product that has a direct impact on the rise of smoking tobacco.

The fact that this has wiped out the effort put into the previous decreases is depressing, particularly for those who had been fighting against the use of tobacco-related products.


High school students constitute the largest group of vape users than Middle schoolers.

According to a study conducted by The CDC. Vaping electronic cigarettes is popular among Hispanics, whites, and non-Hispanics of other races.

Finding out who’s smoking is challenging.

Many kinds of vapers may look like ordinary devices for computers. Like flash drives as well as USB sticks. They are less difficult to conceal and more difficult to recognize.

Visit our page on different kinds of devices for vaping to find out what they could appear like.

It all depends on the gadget your kid is using. The vapor that is released could be extremely discrete. It isn’t easy to track and determine if vaping is in use. It was a major issue for teachers as they often were unable to discern when a student was using vapes in the classroom.

Another issue with detecting kids smoking cigarettes at school. Smoke detectors can’t see the aerosol that is released by electronic cigarettes. This makes it difficult to tell whether kids are smoking or even exactly where.


Social media has been thrust into the public’s attention. There is a finger pointed to the popularity of smoking and influencers. But, no proof or research proves that vaping is the main cause.

However, a study that was released in 2013 showed something shocking. The study found that around 30,000 YouTube videos were of people smoking.

Recently, the blame was shifted to. Was the usage of tobacco-related products in films, TV, movies, and other media for video? In fact, the CDC is making suggestions for all future movies or future shows. Receive an R rating for smoking cigarettes or vaping on camera.

As reported in 2016 report by The National Youth Tobacco Survey conducted in 2016 by CDC. There were a variety of factors considered by teenagers. The reasons below are the main reasons teens smoke.

The inquiry “why did you start vaping? ” was asked of vapers’ students. The reasons they gave were as follows:

  • Influenced by a family or friend member who smokes.
  • Are you intrigued by the range of different flavors in Vape? There are a few vape juices; you get the sensation of excitement and excitement.
  • Utilizing vapes as a replacement in lieu of smoking cigarettes. In the belief that e-cigarettes cause no negative impacts.

Other aspects were mentioned in the study, too. For instance, the ease of obtaining vapes or e-cigarettes versus other tobacco products.

The cost of vapor was an additional element. Because teenagers and children have an extremely limited budget. The price of purchasing vape items is typically lower. In particular, cheap vape products. Vape pens are used. Much less expensive than the cost of tobacco cigarettes or other items.

When you ask, “When did you start vaping and why do you still vape? “ for students who use vaping frequently. The reason they chose to continue and why they continued was also stated:

  • A boyfriend or girlfriend who smokes got them hooked on the habit.
  • Smoking with friends is a great way to get through the day while socializing.
  • Vaping can help relieve stress at school.

As you can tell from these comments from teenagers who are currently smoking. The influence of family and friends was the most common reason for why they first started smoking.

First-time vaping could be the cause of the epidemic among teens. What happens to teens who get Vape or e-cigarettes is also under the spotlight.

What exactly is the process for teens to get their hands on vaping?


There is a yes and no.

Contrary to what you see in the headlines of news stories about the health effects of vaping, however, not every Vape is identical.

The majority of headlines in the media with vape pens that explode or teens being referred to emergency rooms result from low-quality products. They also include products purchased illicitly. For example, street-bought THC cartridges.

For an illustration…

A recent report stated that the man experienced lung damage due to smoking Vape and is currently in an induced condition known as a coma. The headline may suggest that to be a warning that vaping is harmful in all forms. In reality, he was smoking THC via a cartridge that he picked up on the streets.

It is called vaping. Vape pods purchased on the street, as opposed to products from a reputable manufacturer, are completely different.

No matter what data is available regarding the health effects of vaping. In the event that you or your kid is not using tobacco or vaping and are not considering starting, do not start.


Electronic cigarettes are currently the most commonly used tobacco product. The issue of “how are teens getting vape? “ must be looked at.

A lot to be concerned about has been placed upon vape stores and alcohol shops. Some of them have been shut down for not adhering to strict guidelines. At the same time, others are making news for selling vapes to minors.

Based on the results of research conducted in the year 2016 on the e-liquid online industry. The tests on the effectiveness of online sales to minors were carried out. The results were not good. There were 120 web-based vendors selling vape products on the internet. Just four of them were able to prevent teens from purchasing illegal items through their websites.

More needs to be completed.

With the growth of eCommerce websites such as Amazon or eBay. What a breeze to sell your products on such platforms. The method of buying anything is just a click away.


Amazon is one of the major online retailers, Amazon. It is a great place to buy everything. However, it can also be a great way for teens to purchase Vape. The purchase of a Vape from Amazon is as easy as doing a simple Google search on “vape” and adding it to your cart.

The sale of tobacco or vapes on Amazon is not permitted according to Amazon guidelines. In addition, products like nasal sprays or nicotine inhalers aren’t allowed. T-shirts, hats, and caps with cigarettes or tobacco brand names aren’t permitted either.

However, certain Amazon sellers are still able to figure out a way to sell vape products on their platform.

Reviewing products for vaping that have only one-star ratings on Amazon. There are shady accounts that sell electronic cigarettes or vape pens. It is only logical to conclude they are unreliable and are of low quality.

This is a different issue. Most of the stories that are reported in the media are explosions of vapes due to inferior products. Not from top-quality vape companies. They have invested a lot of money in testing their products for vaping.

With over 10,000 results on Vape, teens can search for and get the device delivered to their homes. If you suspect your child may smoke, be sure to check the Amazon account. It could be a way to stop them from using it.

Based on the negative reviews on the websites selling these devices. Making sure your child isn’t able to purchase the device through these illegal sources could keep them from having an accident that is waiting to occur.


Another significant market player in eCommerce. In contrast to Amazon, it is simpler for your teenager to purchase a vape. This is especially true if they have an account on their own and are not under surveillance.

Due to eBay’s selling system. This platform does not permit individuals under the age of 18 to purchase or sell items on eBay legally; buyers do not have to prove their age. When you attempt to purchase tobacco or vape items, no age verification is required once you’ve created an account.

eBay’s policy against selling vape products on its platform is not permitted. It’s difficult to know the extent to which the policy is and if it will be enforced. A recent search on their website for “vape mods” and “vape device.” The results were still there, with a lot of which offer free shipping.

The purchase of vapes through eBay is being closely examined by groups that are trying to stop teenagers from smoking. However, the issue does not just rest with these sites. There are many ways to make purchases online, so teaching your child about the benefits of vaping is crucial. In addition, it is important to monitor your online purchases in the event that you suspect that they are using Vape could be necessary.

AliExpress / Overseas eCommerce Sites

While the name might not be familiar to some, AliExpress is a huge online retailer. AliExpress is, like Alibaba, a platform that allows you to purchase anything you can think of straight from China.

Founded in 2010. AliExpress is gaining recognition. It offers some of the same items that you find on Amazon, however, generally at a much cheaper price. But, unlike Alibaba, AliExpress allows anyone around the world to purchase small quantities in contrast to the bulk-only alternative that Alibaba offers.

Many of the manufacturing or trading firms are legitimate, but there are a few that are not. There is also a large number of resellers who are not.

An online Google search of “vape” on AliExpress generated 49,000 results. Similar to Amazon and eBay, many sellers offer free shipping on vape items. However, usually, they offer a longer delivery time.

Vape and electronic cigarettes aren’t currently restricted within China. And many of the vendors are not able to provide information. Vape products manufactured in China are manufactured in tiny workshops and huge manufacturing warehouses that are financed by companies that are launching.

The majority of the world’s goods are manufactured in China. Vaping products manufactured in China is just one example. Concern over rules, or the lack of them, has gotten attention from both manufacturers and the general public and suppliers of vape-related products across America and the US alike.

Without oversight over how the products are produced or handled. The fact that they are being associated with the vape business can be harmful.

For instance. News headlines about exploding vape pens and electronic cigarettes could be all over the place in the future. They will eventually explode. However, certain details are revealed in these instances. The reason is the fake batteries for vapes or devices for vaping that are low-quality and manufactured by cheap Chinese producers.

Craigslist / Offerup / Social Marketplaces

In the age of social media was the advent of social marketplaces, like the digital versions of Pennysaver recycler or newspapers in your area. These platforms allow any person who wants to market their products. To post their unwanted items on the internet for sale.

Controlling sales of vapes on these third-party platforms is a challenge. Because the majority of transactions are conducted in person, avoiding age verification can make it much easier to make illicit purchases. The most important age verification feature that all vape shops online now use is in place.

One more thing the websites are able to offer teens to buy Vape is the discount price.

These platforms offer older vape products or vape pens that were kept in a storage unit for several months. Young people could likely purchase things like electronic cigarettes or mods for vaping at an affordable cost. It’s a lot less than the original retail price. This could be attractive to teenagers with cash to spare.

These websites can be difficult to keep track of since no credit card or authentication is needed. A created account is usually not required to access or get in touch with the seller of what is offered on these sites.

The purchase on third-party sites, such as they can be like a digital yard sale. It is a tedious process of sorting through pages of junk. This also presents a danger. Because no background on the device or warranty is provided or help if damaged. Technical support from the manufacturer of the Vape is usually limited to the latest vape devices.

The background of the used vape device isn’t known. In the event that the vaping device is having issues, they might be hiding. The seller looking to sell the device to another person to earn money may not disclose the device.

Family / Friends / Strangers

A lot of teens say that they purchase their items to use from their parents or relatives.

As a precautionary measure, discussing with your family member smoking tobacco or vaping regarding their usage with your child may assist. Be sure that they don’t place their electronic cigarettes on the table or the floor, which can end an issue before it gets started.

Many teens have stated that they bought Vape by having a parent purchase the product for them. Find out who your child is having fun with. Knowing who their older siblings are is helpful.

In America, It is unlawful to offer vapes, vape juice, or any tobacco product to minors. However, someone who is looking to earn a quick buck might not bother, particularly if they’re attempting to convince an individual to buy the Vape at a petrol station.


Engage in a discussion with your child. Discuss the consequences of smoking cigarettes on the brains of adolescents. However, the subject of smoking vapes may appear not to be significant to teens, particularly when they see their peers, athletes, or even famous people smoking.

No matter what the topic, it is important to keep vaping out of the hands of your teenager. They might start smoking cigarettes anyway.

Here are a few signs that your teenager could be smoking Vape:

  • There is a growing increase in how their secretiveness is increasing. They are also not willing to talk about vaping or avoid any discussion about the use of vapes.
  • It could be caused by nicotine use and its addictive properties. Nicotine is a chemical that can be addictive. It is not a good choice once the user is hooked, as it may make them feel angry and uncomfortable. Be aware of withdrawal symptoms from nicotine.
  • Spending more than usual, as well as not being in a position to show how the money was used. Being able to gain some insight into where your teenager’s money is going could be helpful, particularly when trying to figure out whether they’re using vaping.
  • Absent from home for a brief period. Reverting to the addictive nature of nicotine. Your teen may be snooping around to get an instant dose of nicotine that is found in vapes and returning home.
  • More thirsty than normal. Vaping can affect everyone differently. If your teenager is smoking, you may observe an increase in the amount of thirst they appear to have. Drinking more fluids to hydrate their mouths and throats is an indication that a teenager is smoking.
  • An increase in nosebleeds can be a sign of. Depending on whether your teen vapes, as well as their frequency of use and the type of device they use, drying out of nasal membranes could make it more likely for your child to get nostril bleeding.
  • Vape accessories or other varieties of devices located in your home. If you’re worried that your teenager is smoking Vape, an online search will identify the types of vape gadgets that are currently in use. The discovery of one could be a great indicator to determine if your child is smoking.
  • Some unusual purchases are not revealing. As well as discreet packages being delivered.

Being on the lookout for indications that smoking is taking place with your child could aid in preventing the problem before it gets out of hand.

As anyone who has been around or has experienced a teen, rebellion among teens is real. Teenagers who have their sites about using a vape in the very first instance can find an option to purchase the Vape or an e-cigarette from someone close to them or a family member.

Make sure to check all boxes to find ways to stop your child from using Vape. Inquiring about the ways in which vaping can impact health is a good idea.


A method that focuses on listening instead of lecturing could yield better results.

Create an open dialogue between your child and you.

If you’re able to speak with your teenager or child about vaping before you realize that they’ve already started, it could be the best choice. This will prevent the idea of taking it up.

With all the attention from the media and the many ways they are exposed to e-cigarettes, they certainly know about vape products around the globe.

Take action to avoid the problems. The best time is now.

You can be a role example for your kid.

If you’re taking a vape for quitting smoking, make sure that your partner understands that also. Talking about your struggles with the decision to quit smoking can aid them in understanding that beginning is much more straightforward than stopping.

Be prepared for any questions or oppositional arguments!

Be aware of the facts and what the research has revealed to date.

Brain Development

Research is being conducted. However, what has been found out so far about teenagers who smoke? It is clear the way in which the growth of the brain is affected. Also, there is a decline in the amount of time spent on attention.

Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine in tobacco products and other vape-related products is extremely addictive. Some studies show that teenagers are more likely to develop addiction. This could be because their brains aren’t developing fully.

For more details, click here. The Surgeon General’s office has an excellent vape tips sheet with additional information and tips.


It’s not a surprise that more needs to be accomplished. Everyone, including vape companies. To stop the growth in vaping among youth and to the day it is over, prevent it from entering their hands for the good of theirs.

There are programs in place to prevent the purchase of vaping in the hands of young people. For instance, the We Program. Non-profit organization. They support retailers across the nation who offer tobacco, vape alcohol, cigarettes, and many other products that are restricted to a certain age.

Various states and nations are supporting Card organizations. They aim to increase awareness of retailers. They train and educate employees of businesses that sell aged verification purchases. They train employees on how to spot fraudulent purchases.


As the number of teens smoking vapes increases, so do the opportunities. Aid them in quitting smoking.

Below is a list of places for you to call in the event that your child is a vaper.

Smoke-Free Teen

Provided by the CDC. The website helps youth by offering guidance and suggestions. Like how to deal with the stress that could have led them to try smoking cigarettes. Also, factors such as social pressure or avoidance of people who use Vape.

My Life, My Quit

The program that aims to help teens quit smoking and vaping has just been launched. However, it is only available within nine states. It received some national attention recently due to its methods to assist teenagers, like messaging via text and online chat.

Certain programs provide services throughout the nation. A number of state-run anti-teen smoking programs are in place.

For example:

Make Smoking History

Provided by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. For more than 20 years, they’ve been fighting the smoking of cigarettes. Now, they offer assistance to those who want to stop smoking cigarettes.

Suppose you require additional assistance after having a conversation with your child about smoking. Contact the local government in your state to determine what plans are being made.

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