Is Second Hand Vape Smoke Bad?

Many new vapers have asked this question. As a vaper or user of e-cigarettes, you might be wondering, “is it safe for me to vape near children?”

Patented back in the 1960s, electronic cigarettes did not get the attention they do today. With all of the attention and the controversy surrounding vaping, these questions arose.

Vaping is often compared to smoking cigarettes in the media. The question remains even though the processes of smoking and vaping are different.

What is secondhand vapor?

When someone is unfamiliar with electronic cigarettes, the first thing that comes to mind is “smoke.” With a bit of knowledge on vaping, one can learn the mechanics of vape devices. This will quickly reveal that the initial guess they made was incorrect.


Smoke is a by-product of combustion. It is the same as burning anything with fire. It produces tar, carbon dioxide, and other cancer-causing substances.

Vape Clouds are produced by heating e-juice with a Metal Vape Coil, which is usually housed inside an atomizer.

Does this mean that secondhand vapor is safe? Let’s take a look at some research.


Studies like a 2017 UC San Diego convey a message that is different from what was in the news. Researchers measured fine particles in 193 homes. They were able to determine the amount of smoke and vaping that was present. Researchers found that vaping had no impact on air quality.

A second study, conducted by NIOSH (a CDC agency), went straight to the source of vape clouds, a shop. Vape shops are places where customers constantly produce vape aerosol. What did they discover? Toxic levels were below occupational exposure limits.

Igor Burstyn is an expert in toxicology and has published an article. The research Dr. Burstyn did with his team found no contaminants, but they couldn’t confirm the harm that direct exposure to e-cigarettes could cause.

Is Second Hand Vape Dangerous?

Because vaping is a relatively new practice and there have been few long-term studies to provide a definitive answer, it’s difficult to answer the question, “Is secondhand vape harmful?” For now, the answer to “is secondhand vape bad?” is still inconclusive.

It is not universally accepted that the technology used to measure vaping’s true health effects, or case studies based on extensive research, have been done truly.

It is a definitive yes or no to the question, “Is secondhand smoke harmful?” It has not yet been determined.

What do you think? You may have decided to switch to vaping in order not to disturb those around you.

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