The Electronic Cigarette Convention, or ECC, visited the Ontario Convention Center (California) from August 25-27. The vape expo was a showcase of the top vape and juice manufacturers. Thousands of people attended the event on the weekend, many with mods. Booths were designed and lit by different businesses to showcase their vape product lines and e-juice. Each mod was stocked with a variety of flavors, and each sample was provided. The entire e-liquid line was available to taste, and disposable mouthpieces were provided for sanitary reasons. Vape gear and e-liquid models were available from multiple companies. The pieces ranged from 100ml bottles to killer mods and bags. You definitely missed out if you didn’t attend!

Ruthless was present at the event, with a metal cobra that spat fire in front of an expansive lounge area. The room featured glass booths that displayed all the top Ruthless Wholesale e-Liquids. This included the new e-juices Ruthless Shisha and Ruthless Hand-Rolled Tobacco, as well as the newly manufactured e-juices Loaded Strawberry Jam Donut, Loaded Cookies Butter, and their other manufactured brands. Ruthless had a weekend to remember with throngs of vape enthusiasts and a bustling crowd. The whole crew was on hand to help those looking for the vape liquid of their dreams.

Sponsors of Ruthless also attended the vape convention. Instagram vape stars @___justpeachyy and @drewdrips met and greeted attendees. Also available were @kyleevapes and @subohm_turtles. Star vapers performed cool vaping techniques, including blowing O’s or the jellyfish.

Eddie Wang, assistant sales manager, who attended the event, called it a great success. “Ruthless enjoyed giving out vape swag, and introducing new flavors!” It was also a great experience to be surrounded by other vape companies. “We look forward to doing this again.”

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