A highly charged election season in the Philippines has permitted pro-vape legislation to be enacted. The former president of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte, neither vetoed nor passed the bill into law. Following his election in 2013, the current leader, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., often referred to by the popular slang term Bongbong Marcos, also did not sign or veto this law.

In light of how legislation operates in the Philippines, The bill was signed into law on the 25th of July 2022. The next step is to appear in the official gazette. After two weeks of being published, it became an officially recognized law.

The most striking aspect of the legislation is that it lowers the minimum age for purchasing cigarettes to 18. Although this might seem odd in isolation, it is more sensible considering the state of the Philippines. Presently, there is a minimum age for purchasing cigarettes. However, 21 is the minimum age to buy vapes. The bill will permit vapes to those who legally only have an access point to smoking.

The Philippines additionally has a high percentage of smokers. About 28.3 percent of adult Filipinos were identified as smoking. The rate of smokers is very high in youth, too, despite cigarettes being banned for them to purchase. In the 13-15 age group, 10.8% were reported to be smoking tobacco.

Another provision in the bill grants authority to regulate vapes and cigarettes heated up to be controlled by the Philippines Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). The DTI will consult with the Philippines Food and Drug Administration to establish consumer regulations.

Vape juice will be limited to 65 mg/ml. This is sufficient to encompass the majority of available vape juices and nicotine salts. The law also includes limitations on the places where vape products can be sold, the penalties for selling to minors, and restrictions on advertisements. In addition, it eliminates the two-flavor restriction on flavors. It also governs the use of vapes in public places and permits vape businesses to participate in corporate social events, such as trade events.

But, the most notable element of the legislation is how the law deals with vape. This law governs and authorizes vape businesses. Vape is also considered an option to reduce smoking, which encourages this by making it legal for Filipinos who had access to cigarettes before.

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