Vape industry news is promising.

The number of smokers in the military has dropped to new lows as more enlisted men and women are opting for vaping over combustible cigarettes. The number of daily smokers in all branches of the military has now dropped to 7.4%1, which is even lower than the civilian population. In the military, smoking has been a common practice. It goes back to World War II, when tobacco companies targeted military service members with their advertising. Even cigarettes were included in the K and C Rations that were provided to sailors and soldiers during World War II.

It is not news that soldiers were heavily influenced to smoke cigarettes. Some could even say it was a part of the military culture. Before 1987, when tobacco was banned in most training commands, drill instructors and company leaders would often give or deny “smoke break” as a form of punishment or reward. Fast forward to 2011, and 24% of service members are currently smoking.

You know that something is ingratiated in the culture when one out of four people are smokers. This statistic has changed due to the popularity of electronic cigarettes. The percentage of vapers is 11.1% in the military due to the dramatic decrease in smokers.


In the past, military officials have tried to reduce the number of smokers by raising the price of cigarettes on bases. It seems, however, that the same alternative that works for a majority of the population also works in the military. What will happen to the enlisted soldiers who vape instead of smoking cigarettes now that the FDA and government agencies are retaliating? What options are left for them? Will they be forced to use combustible cigarettes? What will the military do when it is easier to obtain cigarettes than vapor products?

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