A new study is being conducted about the effect of vapes on smokers who are not planning to quit smoking cigarettes or smoking. The analysis studied 1,500 smokers with no plans to retire and who had never attempted electronic cigarettes. After five years, researchers discovered that those who were vaping every day had a higher likelihood of being eight-fold more likely to quit smoking cigarettes than those who didn’t.

The study’s authors noted that the majority of studies on smoking cessation and vaping tend to focus on smokers who had already expressed interest in stopping smoking. The studies don’t include smokers who are not interested in controlling. Researchers conducted the study to determine the effect smoking electronic cigarettes has on smokers, not just those who were part of the current research.

Although it could have been unintentional, The majority of those who were surveyed in the study were heavy smokers. About 80 percent of participants smoked at least ten cigarettes a day. Just over half the participants smoked a pack of cigarettes or more a day.

After the participants were screened and found to be eligible for the program, three aspects were to be measured in follow-up questionnaires: their current use of electronic cigarettes, if they smoked cigarettes regularly, and if they were still smoking cigarettes in any way.

Although the research is optimistic, it’s nonetheless a study that proves correlation but not causality. The study notes that there could be certain factors that make certain individuals inclined to give up smoking, and the motivation to stop cigarettes could change with time. Furthermore, the vape products that are available to consumers have changed significantly in the course of the study. We hope to see more studies come out focusing on the effects of electronic cigarettes.

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