On February 6, 2020, the sale of vape cartridges that contained flavors that were thought to be “appealing to youngsters” was taken off the shelves. Since the FDA did not see tobacco or menthol flavors to be attractive to children, these vape cartridges were permitted to stay.

Vapers do enjoy their flavors. We’ve seen numerous vapers claim that they were pleased that they didn’t smell like cigarettes or Ashtrays. When the taste was removed, It was not unexpected that people began to look for alternatives that weren’t as sour as the cigarettes they gave up.

The disposable vape is slowly advancing towards the limelight. They are devices for vaping that are filled with liquid and then discarded when the battery or vape juice expires. In addition, they require little knowledge of how to use them disposable vapes; they were not affected by the flavor cartridge ban. According to a variety of news outlets, they’re now the most popular electronic cigarettes among teenagers. Some websites claim that they’re more dangerous than prohibited flavor cartridges with their USB-like design, low prices, higher nicotine levels, and an increasing amount of waste that is produced.

Despite the hype, however, the FDA declared that they did not have statistics showing high rates of young people using disposables. But, they are aware of the increasing popularity. Mitch Zeller of the FDA said, “Let us be clear, under this policy if we see a product that is targeted to kids, we will take action.”

Whoever is behind the growing popularity of disposable cigarettes, there is one certain thing: if flavors are eliminated, people will search for alternatives.

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