Mexico has passed a law that prohibits it from the “circulation and marketing” of electronic tobacco delivery systems, such as cigarettes and vapes. The previous general importation and tax laws had meant that vapes were already illegal to purchase and import.

However, sales were occurring at the table and in the country, and the government took one step further and stopped marketing and distributing vape-related products. Several initiatives are also underway to track down and seize vaping items since they are all now illegal.

Although vaping isn’t as popular as traditional tobacco, it was targeted because of its perceived appeal to youth and the belief that vaping can be an alternative drug.

During the debates about the prior tax law and the proposed vape ban, questions were raised about the illegal market for tobacco in Mexico. The main concern was the lack of regulation and taxation for vaping.

Based on the Mexican Federation of Business Chambers, the illegal tobacco market accounts for 19.5% of Mexico’s overall demand for tobacco. With the size of the market illegally cultivated, the loss of income tax job opportunities and control over the products, which will undoubtedly result, is a concern.

Since circulation, import, and sales are banned, in addition to vaping itself in numerous public spaces, One of the most significant lessons is not to carry vapes on your trip to Mexico, whether traveling by plane or vehicle.

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