The FDA’s PMTA process has approved a couple of other vapes. These include The Logic Power and the Logic Pro. Both. The Logic Vapeleaf, the heated tobacco product of Logic, has passed the FDA’s PMTA process, too.

The Logic Power and the Logic Pro approve the tobacco flavor only. Menthol and several other vapes with menthol flavors are currently being considered for PMTA review. Given that there is talk of eliminating menthol from the market for combustible tobacco entirely, the FDA isn’t quite sure what to do with menthol-flavored vapes. Other flavors of Logic Power and Logic Pro have been ruled out. The FDA has given PMTA approval for tobacco-flavored vapes and heated tobacco products.

Before this, Vuse Solo was the sole vape that could successfully pass through the PMTA process; in both cases, Vuse and Logic have been purchased by substantial tobacco companies. Vuse is owned by British American Tobacco, and Logic is part of Japan Tobacco International.

Even though the FDA said they had prioritized vapes that made up more significant percentages of the market, the fact is that neither Vuse nor Logic is a substantial part of the US market, compared to more prominent vape brands such as Juul and Juul, which are waiting for a decision regarding their PMTA. In addition, the majority of applications for PMTA applications that are currently being processed came from smaller firms.

The FDA’s slow action has been criticized by vape enthusiasts and those who oppose it. Pro-vape advocates are irritated that the FDA can conclude the largest vape market. The pro-vape community is upset by the time it takes to decide. In addition, it appears that more prominent tobacco-owned companies have more weight based on their PMTA applications.

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