September 24 September 24, 2019, was a dreadful day for the vaping Industry and the community. In the morning and into the afternoon, many vape lovers attended the hearing on the banning of flavored tobacco or Nicotine products in Los Angeles, California, taking up the entire room three times the size. There was a huge turnout to the hearing. Each local news station was in attendance and parked on the street at the beginning of the morning.

The meeting opened in a manner that seemed to foreshadow the result of the day. The meeting began with a few speakers who made a number of fake claims about smoking. When the audience was exposed to these fabricated claims that were presented as factual, the crowd became agitated and started making noise in protest. Officials then informed the public that they were going to be exiled if they displayed any anger in the future.

The people who voted for the ban on smoking vapes, and in opposition to those who smoke, were a small section of adults and a large number of schoolchildren. The majority of the students present were exiled from school, allowed from the district school, and accompanied by a team of teachers. Later, it was discovered that the students were coerced into wearing the same shirts and then delivering an unscripted speech with promises of food and credit. They already had an extra day of school to go to. Children were not solitary about it. They talked with each other about the issue and laughed while adults who were gathered to protest against the ban were within proximity.

Vape enthusiasts still outnumbered those opposed to the ban. Hundreds of vapers came into the hall one at a time, and respectfully and briefly, they shared their tales. A majority of them told stories about how they were saved by vaping or how they used flavors to stop smoking and about how they are convinced that this ban won’t have any positive outcomes for the citizens of the county. Some activists traveled long distances to be there in order to help those who are against the ban.

There were entrepreneurs outside of the business as well. Hookah Lounge owners, smoke shop owners, as well as wholesalers of these products. Some Hookah Lounge owners have mentioned in their debates the fact that Hookah flavors are an aspect of the culture and that removing the ability to market these items is like limiting an element of their culture.

Very few adults who spoke out in support of the ban in comparison. The children’s statements were remarkably similar, saying simply, “I am in favor of this vape ban.” A couple of teachers came out stating that they were dissatisfied with teens who use vapes and are supporting the ban.

After hours of shuffling speakers into and out of the venue, officials announced the outcome of a unanimous vote in support of the measure in late evening. This means that the county supervisors approved the ordinance in cities that are not part of Los Angeles County, and they’ll return for a second vote next week. This ordinance requires tobacco stores to get an official county business license for selling tobacco. This license must be renewed every two years. Another aspect of the law restricts vape shops from loitering. The supervisor, Mark Ridley-Thomas, added an amendment that gives businesses 180 days to bring their businesses into compliance.

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