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It’s not difficult to see why smoking e-cigarettes is harmful to your lung. E-cigarettes utilize an electric heating element powered by batteries to create vapors from a liquid that users inhale into their lungs. Did you know that vaping is also a significant amount to your heart? Cardiologist Mahmoud Sharaf, MD, UnityPoint Heath, has seen six instances of coronary heart attack; he’s worried that the number could increase dramatically because of the growing number of teens currently vaping.

Vaping Concerns: Heart Attack & Stroke

“Vaping is harmful to your heart. It’s true that people who smoke vapes are at risk of being 56 percent more likely to suffer from heart attacks than non-smokers with a 30 percent higher risk of suffering from a stroke.” the Doctor. Sharaf declares.

In simple terms, in the simplest sense, the definition of a heart attack is when a portion of the muscle in your heart isn’t receiving enough blood. Regarding strokes, two significant kinds of strokes block arteries and cause them to rupture. For those who don’t know, the arteries carry high-oxygen blood from the heart to other organs and tissues.

What Happens to the Heart While Vaping?

Within a few seconds of taking a breath of the e-cigarette’s vapors, nicotine, organic compounds, and other substances are absorbed into the skin, the nasal lining, and the mouth and then enter the bloodstream. The majority of the components from the liquid solution remain within your body for 6-8 hours. During this period, your heart is more vulnerable. Here’s how Dr. Sharaf says vaping puts your heart at risk.

  • Cholesterol deposits. Vaping causes cholesterol deposits in the arteries to become unstable with time and more prone to rupture. If this occurs, it could result in clot formations within blood vessels and heart attacks or strokes.
  • Heart Rate and blood pressure. Within 30 minutes of vaping, it increases your adrenaline levels, leading to increased blood pressure and a higher heart rate, which can lead to the risk of a heart attack.
  • Artery Stiffness. When you use e-cigarettes for a long time, nicotine and other substances in the vape solution (acrolein) can cause stiffening of arteries that can significantly cause stroke and heart attack.
  • Blood Clotting. The additional preservatives, chemicals, and organic chemicals contained in the liquid solution can adversely interfere with normal blood clotting nearly immediately following the use of vape.

Who Is Most at Risk While Vaping?

Vaping can be dangerous for everyone of all ages, but Dr. Sharaf is mainly concerned with our young people.

“I’ve witnessed the development of heart attack in patients between their mid-30s and early 40s within hours of smoking. It’s alarming however, the long-term consequences of smoking vapes are important to me. Teens who use vapes are probably 18 and not otherwise have heart problems. However, if they keep smoking, the first heart issue could be discovered at the time of their 20s or thirtys.” Dr. Sharaf states.

Based on a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), electronic cigarettes were the most frequently used tobacco product in students in high school students (27.5 percent) as well as middle-school students (10.5 percent). The number of people who use them is increasing.

“If this trend continues to be steady it is possible that issues with the heart and respiratory system are likely to become more frequent. It is important to recognize that there is an interval between the time you make a decision and the effects of it. Many people don’t realize that something you do is affecting your health in the future. today. It usually takes between 10 and 20 years to experience the full impact of something that affects the health of your body,” Doctor. Sharaf states.

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