How To Make Vape Juice Last Longer – Top 8 Tips

If you’re in the mood for the vape, there is nothing worse than the feeling of running out of juice. This is especially true if it’s the early morning hours or you’re located in an area that doesn’t have a vape store. Also, if you use vape often, the price will increase because you’re constantly buying new juice for your vape. This article outlines ways to make your flavor last a lot longer. Let’s go!

Choose A Stronger E-juice With An Increased Nicotine Level

The first step towards having an e-liquid that lasts for a long time is to select a more powerful E-liquid with a greater nicotine strength. This means you’ll need fewer pulls to collect more nicotine and use less e-liquid to satisfy your desires.

Use High Resistance Coils

The coil on your vape device will determine the power used. Sub-ohming using lower resistivity coils is not recommended with low watts. There won’t be the throat hit you’re used to or even enough vapor when you do this.

Low-resistance coils require more power to function correctly. It would help to increase the ohms coil to get an effective and satisfying vape.

Use Lower Wattage

If you’re thinking of ways to prolong the life of your e-juice by reducing the power to the maximum extent, you can affect things like temperature, the thickness of the cloud, and the speed at which liquid is used. This is why the majority of devices have different options for wattage. The lower wattage results in less vapor production and also using less E-juice. A 40W vape can make your e-juice dry faster than a 20W vape.

Opt For Vape Pens and Pods Instead Of High-Power Devices

The high-power devices let you puff more enormous clouds, offering a better experience and battery. However, sub-ohm vaping devices use your vape fluids more quickly than a regular device like a pod or pod. If your e-juice is low and there seems to be no solution, it might be best to drop the high-powered device in favor of a more portable pen or pod.

Switch To Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts offer greater nicotine satisfaction per inhalation over the freebase nicotine in electronic cigarettes. They provide a higher quantity of nicotine quicker to your bloodstream while not consuming large amounts and providing the smoothness of your experience. This means less vaping and a constant supply of vape juice. However, be aware that since nicotine salts are smoother, you’ll lose the sharpness of the throat hit most people seem to enjoy.

Track Your Vaping Habits And Control E-liquid Usage

Whatever device you use for vaping or the kind of juice you choose, You will never have to replenish your supply If you don’t manage your habit. If you frequently vape, it could be the right and appropriate time to cut down on specific areas and train yourself to only vape when needed. Track the times and methods you use to determine where you could make changes. Using a diary or notepad on your smartphone or any of the numerous vape-tracking applications to track your consumption is possible.

Use A Daytime Device

If you want to utilize your box mod, however, we recommend the device during the daytime if you wish to drink less nicotine and reduce the vape juice you consume. It could be a box mod equipped with high-resistance coils that use nicotine salts and is utilized at the lowest amount of feasible power. You could also save money by buying an open-top pod system that allows refills and an e-liquid that works with your more robust vaping device.

Instead of using your device during work, use it during the day. You’ll use less vape juice during the day since it’s the only device you have on hand as well as you will also be able to use your device that creates more vape juice once you have returned home at night.

Remember About Proper E-liquid Storage

If you are convinced it is an actual or not most effective solution to consume less vape juice and prolong its lifespan is to ensure that your e-liquid bottle is kept in good condition. The effects of air, light, and heat can rapidly degrade vape juice and render it inedible to vaping since the flavor and nicotine are bitter or absent.

When you choose a place to store to keep your E-Liquid, it is essential to ensure that the three main enemies of flavor are taken care of. Cabinets can work since it’s dark and airless, as well as in terms of temperature. However, refrigerators are ideal for storing vape liquids since they’re cool dark, dark, and thick. Ensuring your juice is stored in these places will last longer than expected. Purchasing many bottles to hold will ensure that it doesn’t get spoiled and lose its flavor.

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