The cost difference between vaping and smoking cigarettes is enough to convince you to switch. According to average trends, even light users could benefit financially from switching to pod systems that use nicotine salt. Compare prices!

A cigarette costs anywhere from $5 to $13 on average (if we’re being honest, decent cigarettes cost closer to $8 or $13). Vaping seems more expensive than buying a brand new vape set, which costs around $20, and additional pods or bottles containing nic salts for $10 each. Even if you’re a heavy vaper, your device should last you at least one year. The juice will also last you a full month. If you’re a light smoker, the pack of juice will last only a few days. You can already see the savings you will make if you take that first step.

What about cartridges and replacement pods? Replacement cartridges and pods are also a cost associated with vaping. They will run you between $2 and $5 and will last about a month for a lighter vaper. A heavy vaper would go through one cartridge every three days. This is a bargain compared to $10 cigarettes.

The total cost for an average vaper is $2 per day, $62 per month, or $748 annually. If you want to round up the price to $800 a year, then that’s possible. You could add a cushion to cover extra flavors of juice or another pod system. These figures are based on $13 juice, a $20 pod system, and $5 replacement pods with a 3-day turnaround.

A smoker who smokes three $10 packs per week is able to earn $1440 a year. Heavy smokers who smoke 1 to 2 packs per day will spend $3600 to $7200 a year. These numbers are staggering. Let’s also not forget all the snacks we purchase when we go to a 711 store to buy the packs of cigarettes and the countless lighters that we lose.

Vaping is clearly superior to smoking in many ways. What is stopping you from switching?

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