In a way, we all like to explore something new. There are many reasons for this. Learning new skills and creating new things is a great way to save money.

Like never before, the topic issue is on everyone’s minds. However, developing new skills to make money or any other reason shouldn’t be at the cost of our safety.

The process of making your juice (vape juice) is not an one’s only choice. If you are a vaper, remember the strict checks and balances in place from conception up to the point at which you purchase.

This article will explain the steps to make e-liquids and why it might be better to leave the process to professionals.


Blu(r) Blu(r) We know that combining high-quality liquid ingredients in our products can only be found in some places. This is why all our liquids are developed to be tested, formulated, and manufactured through Nerudia (the world’s most extensive integrated nicotine services and products company) and its experts in their quality control laboratory in Liverpool.

The team of analysts works to the highest standards each day to ensure every one of the Blu(r) products meets the highest levels of quality and dependability. They also offer complete traceability of raw materials through to the finished product.

Each team member wears high-quality, protected clothing to prevent contamination from outside sources and maintain the highest standards of hygiene throughout the entire process.


Neruda begins its journey with nicotine that originates through Indian tobacco. Within Switzerland, Nerudia works with the largest manufacturer of ultrapure nicotine to cleanse it within pharmaceutical GMP conditions, which adheres to the strict specifications of the product.

Then, back in Liverpool, Once the ingredients are combined, The team will carry out up to 90 daily tests of the liquid used in myBlu(r) pods. Blu(r) pods.Blu(r) pods. They will test:

  • Nicotine concentration – for all variations to determine the correct concentration.
  • Ingredient ratio – to verify the contents of the liquids are the right quantity of each ingredient.
  • Scent test – be sure the smell is what it ought to be.
  • Testing of color and appearance – To ensure the product looks like it should.

After testing, The liquid is transported onto our production line, where the team is working to assemble the final product. In the manufacturing line, our team makes around 500.000 each day.Blu(r) pods each day.

Throughout the production and assembly processes, the samples are regularly tested vigorously, and checks are made to ensure that the product we send out to buyers is top quality.

MyBlu(r) is the MyBlu(r) device that was released after two years of testing and development to ensure it met the requirements of today’s smokers.


The procedure of making e-liquids is a significant amount of know-how. What about the actual components of e-liquids? We dive into the specifics of what makes Blu(r) unique.

The liquids contained in my Blu(r) pods consist of only five ingredients

* Propylene glycol is a commonly used ingredient in cosmetics and food items. It is used to create diverse consumer experiences, for example, how intense that throat feeling is.

* Vegetable glycerine – – Another commonly used ingredient, additionally used to provide diverse experiences for Blu(r) vapers, like the intensity of the vapor puffs.

* Flavourings.

* Nicotine (or Nicotine lactate for myblu Intense(r)).

* Water.


With over a decade’s expertise in the vaping industry and working alongside the best scientists, such as Hon Lik (inventor of electronic cigarettes), Blu(r) continues to lead in quality and innovation in the vaping industry.

We know the amount of work needed, not just to stay at the top of the industry. However, we also ensure that our products meet the highest safety standards. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for vapers who mix ingredients from e-liquids.

Making your e-liquids could seem like a cost-effective option. Still, the risk of creating your vape juice recipes lies in the absence of the capacity to conduct due diligence, as users source ingredients and processes from untrusted sources on the internet. This means the crucial controls and checks, including those Blu(r) uses regularly, are only sometimes followed.

The liquid is available in various flavors and, more importantly, comes with quality assurance.


We aim to give the best to all of our customers. If you want to know more about our products or smoking more generally, get in touch. We’re happy to assist in any way we can.

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