General Rules For Vape Maintenance

Your vape kit is an investment when you start vaping. Vape devices can be used repeatedly, unlike tobacco cigarettes. You don’t want your equipment to fail and need to be replaced almost immediately. Your new e-cigarette should last for months, if not years. The best way to maintain it is to take care of it. You can avoid costly replacements by taking care of your vape.

The Vape Life wants to share our golden rules for vape maintenance to help you protect your investment.

Take care of your battery

Vape maintenance starts with keeping your battery in top condition. It is the battery that powers the vape. You can ensure your battery lasts as long as you want and won’t stop working when needed.

You can take care of your battery by only charging it when it is low. Overcharging your battery too often can lead to premature failure. It is essential to keep your vape battery away from extreme temperatures. For example, please don’t leave it in direct sunlight or a hot car overnight. This can cause irreparable damage.

Empty the tank and coil

It would help if you remembered regularly cleaning the tank and the coil. They are essential components of your vape setup. If you don’t clean them, it will affect your vaping experience. It is crucial to clean the coil and tank thoroughly and any e-liquid buildup. It will give your ring and tank a new lease on life. This will also keep your vape juice tasting fresher, making for a more enjoyable vaping experience. This simple task is easy to do and always worth it.

Keep your E-liquid in Good Condition

It would be best if you took care of your vape. This can lead to spillage and a waste of e-liquid. It can also make the liquid taste bitter when inhaled. You should keep your e-liquid bottles away from direct sunlight and place them in a cool, dry area. E-liquid does not like being too hot or cold, so store your bottles in a dark place.

Care for the whole vape

While our rules have been limited to the parts of your vape pen, there are some things you can do for the whole device. When you aren’t using your e-cigarette, stand it up. This is because e-liquid can leak from the tank through the air holes and cause gunk buildup. The risk of dirt and dust building up in your mouthpiece by placing your vape on its back increases. This can make vaping unpleasant and may result in you spending more to replace the voice. Vapes are made to stand upright, so you won’t have to think about it every time.

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