Fentanyl is a drug which appears to be in every black market drug. In recent times, it seems that Fentanyl is making its way into some of the most questioned vape products.

A few years ago, in the case of an Iowan high school in Iowa, an Iowan high school, a THC vape smoked in the hands of a pupil was thought to contain Fentanyl. When a test in the field revealed the presence of both THC and Fentanyl inside the vape, a laboratory test confirmed that the vape had THC and not Fentanyl.

It’s not the first or even the only instance where the vape was believed to have been contaminated by the chemical Fentanyl. In November 2021, there was an incident at a Tennessee high school where the vape was infected with Fentanyl. However, no trace was detected within the cartridge’s liquid. Three school personnel were exposed and required to be admitted to the hospital to receive treatment. It’s not clear whether the particular vape was one of THC vape or the nicotine vape.

However difficult it might be to find the right materials in the present, these events emphasize that it’s important to be aware of where products come from and to stay away from black-market products.

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