As COVID is rising within The U.S., the FDA continues to regulate vape-related products. This time, the FDA concentrated on one of the main criticisms of the ban’s original pods, which were disposable devices. Due to the words of the prohibition in the first place, some sold disposable devices. However, the FDA had the option to pursue products it believed would appeal to youngsters. Teens began using disposable vapes just a few days after the ban on pods, so it’s not surprising that they’d be the FDA’s next goal.

The companies that were disposable and targeted included the most well-known product, Puff Bars. Puff Bars were viewed as an untrustworthy and confusing business, and there’s still no information regarding the location where they’re made or which one of the official websites is the genuine Puff Bar. Puff Bar’s shady origins and poor manufacturing quality led to its disdain among adults. Teens nevertheless loved it because of its lower initial cost of investment and the ability to hide.

Other vapes that are disposable were instructed to cease sales, too. Some online distributors were cautioned to sell e-liquids and pods in packaging that could be attractive to children.

Disposable Vape Companies Warned:

  • Puff Bar, Cool Clouds Distro
  • HQD Tech USA LLC
  • Myle Vape Inc.

Vendors who sell specific products:

  • Eleaf USA for selling:
    • Remit Orange Cream Pod Packs
    • Remit Orange Dream Nic Salt Pod Packs
    • Remit Tropical Blend Pod Packs
    • Remit Tropical Oasis Nic Salt Pod Packs
    • Yami Vapor Ninja Man (100ml bottles)
  • Vape Deal LLC for selling:
    • Naked 100 E-Liquid Pods – Amazing Mango and
    • Strawberry Churrios by The Milkman (60ml)
  • Majestic Vapor LLC for selling:
    • The FITT by Envii Starter Kit – Fruit
    • The FITT by Envii Starter Kit – Cream
    • Steep Vapors – Pop Deez (120ml bottles)
  • E Cigarette Empire LLC for selling:
    • Kilo 1K Replacement Pods – Strawberry Milk
    • Drop Fried cream cakes E juice by Fryd (120ml bottles)
  • Ohm City Vapes Inc. for sale:
    • Puff Bar Pods Juul Compatible – Strawberry
    • Skol Pods Juul Compatible – Double Apple
    • Skol Pods Juul Compatible – Mango
    • The original Cinnaroo of Cloud Thieves (100ml bottles)
  • Breazy Inc. for selling:
    • Baset Thor Multi-Flavor Pod Cartridges (3 Pack)
    • Osiris Thor Pod Cartridges (3 Pack)
    • Raa Thor Pod Cartridges (3 Pack)
    • Unicorn Frappe – Juice Man E-Liquid (100ml bottles)
  • Hina Singh Enterprises (doing business under the name Just Eliquids Distro Inc.) to sell:
    • Salteez Pods – Blue Razz Gummy
    • Juice Man USA E-Juice – Cherry Lime Cola (100ml bottles)

At the moment, it appears that the FDA is selective about the things to which it decides to apply its authority. In general, they were focused on websites that were still selling disposable devices, pods, and other packaging that were akin to sweet, packaged foods.

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