The deadline for PMTA application has been pushed back to September 9, 2020, in order to combat the outbreak of coronavirus. However, the FDA has targeted specific vendors and brands who sell illegal vaping equipment that they claim appeal to young people through the design of their products or by advertising products that help users cover up their use of smoking. Ten companies were issued warning letters about their products.

The following companies were warned for the violation of their marketing policies:

  • Vaprwear Gear, LLC (manufacturer, online retailer)
  • Vapewear, LLC (manufacturer, online retailer)
  • Wizman Limited (manufacturer, online retailer)
  • EightCig, LLC (online retailer)
  • Ejuicepack, LLC (online retailer)
  • Vape Royalty, LLC (online retailer)
  • VapeCentric, Inc. (online retailer)
  • Dukhan Store (online retailer)
  • VapeSourcing (online retailer)
  • Shenzhen Uwell Technology Co., Ltd. d/b/a DTD Distribution Inc. (importer and retailer)

The products that were alleged to violate the rules on marketing included:

  • Mods based on the original Gameboy
  • The device was also a fidget spinner
  • Hoodies and backpacks designed to conceal clouds of vapor
  • Two different models that looked like smartwatches
  • E-liquids that featured popular character designs from cartoons and games on the labels
  • E-liquids packaged in packaging that resembles snacks such as candy and Pocky

Alongside the products above, there were three other modifications listed in the FDA’s message to Uwell – the renowned Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit, Uwell Caliburn KOKO Kit, and Uwell Yearn Pod System.

The majority of the items that were banned weren’t targeted unfairly. As compared to teenagers, adult smokers will not have much use to carry around a backpack that conceals the fact that they are using it. The fidget spinner is a great way to allow vape liquids to last longer.

However, it’s not entirely clear the reasons behind why many Uwell mods were removed. Some of them were reminiscent of watches, but the FDA identified three other mods. Contrary to other banned products such as these two kits, Caliburn, as well as the Yearn Kit, didn’t have distinct images or any text that explained the reasons behind the ban.

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