The industry seems to be a hot-button issue when it comes to flavoring vape.

The FDA and government agencies are threatening to remove flavors from all tobacco and vapor products. The FDA claims that flavors are attractive to minors, but the truth is that most adults vape. Vape manufacturers use the flavors to help smokers quit combustible cigarettes and stop smoking forever.

What would you prefer to taste as an adult? Tobacco or a fruity mixture? Even though the answer is subjective, many adults use flavored vapes to quit smoking. The industry is constantly expanding vape flavors along with vaping; Nicotine is used to cure nicotine addiction.

FLAVORS HELP PEOPLE STOP SMOKING CIGARS. The FDA’s ban on vape flavors reduces the options available to cigarette smokers who are thinking about switching from cigarettes to vape.

It does not matter if something is sweet-tasting if it’s not intended for children. Alcohol is a good example. You can buy flavored alcohol in grocery stores all over the country. There is no shortage of sweet adult beverages. While there are vape juices that are similar to mixed alcoholic drinks like margaritas or apple martinis, the FDA is not as concerned about flavored alcohol.


The CDC has acknowledged the problem of underage drinking. According to the Youth Risk Behavior Survey conducted in 2017, 30 percent of high school students consumed alcohol. What is the media’s response to this epidemic?

It is not the point to demonize liquor. It is a further demonstration that adults shouldn’t be denied alcohol because it has a little flavor.

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