The first disposable vape device has recently passed through the PMTA acceptance process. The NJOY Daily Rich Tobacco and the NJOY Daily Extra Rich Tobacco disposable vapes have been cleared to sell. Most of NJOY’s other flavors have been granted MDOs (also known as marketing refusal orders. Two menthol flavors, as well as the majority of other menthol vapes, are not yet given a decision and are being considered with the FDA.

Both disposables are pretty high in nicotine concentrations. The Daily Rich Tobacco comes in 4.5 percent nicotine (45mg), and the Daily Extra Rich Tobacco comes with nicotine 6% (60mg).

It isn’t the first NJOY product to be endorsed by the FDA. The NJOY Ace and the FDA approved its tobacco-flavored pods in April 2022. The FDA has also approved Vuse Solo, Vuse Solo Vuse Ciro, Vuse Vibe, Logic Pro, and Logic Power.

The FDA has been adamant about approving closed systems containing tobacco-flavored products and issuing denial notices toward open systems and flavor products. However, menthol-flavored items are undetermined because the FDA is considering banning cigarettes that contain menthol.

While it is true that the FDA has been slow in working amid PMTA applications, progress has recently picked up, possibly due to the demand for greater transparency in the process from vaping and anti-vaping advocates.

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