Brookline, Massachusetts – a town that prides itself on its early adoption of electronic cigarettes and tobacco restrictions, has decided to enact an inexperienced form of tobacco control known as The Tobacco-Free Generation Law.

In contrast to other tobacco laws, this is an easy law to grasp. When you are born prior to January 1st, 2000, you are able to purchase tobacco products in the event that you’re held later, and you are not able to buy any kind of tobacco product like electronic cigarettes in Brookline. The goal is to create the next generation, or anyone born after 2021, unaffected by cigarettes.

The supporters of the concept argue that it’s a slower version of prohibition that reduces the financial burden that small-scale businesses are forced to endure. The theory is that small shops will still be able to sell to their existing customers, but they won’t be able to attract younger, more recent customers. So, while the stores may close in the future, they’ll be able to plan their closures and won’t be affected by sudden bankruptcy.

There is opposition to this idea, too. The opponents argue that this type of law doesn’t pay much consideration to the reasons people are being pushed to start smoking. Others believe that this type of law is a way to stifle adults who are legally able to purchase tobacco in other places but not in the city.

In the end, and most importantly for the town, they will be sending all of the money they earn from their tobacco tax to nearby towns. Brookline isn’t a large town; its entire area measures 6.8 sq miles (17.8 sq km.) Unless other towns follow the same plan, the majority of people can drive around or walk into the next city to purchase tobacco and vape.

If their plan is a success, it will depend on their neighbors; however, it will be a trial.

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