Mark Block, EVCA’s founder and director, said: “With a price of up to $2,5 million per application, for each product that is already in stores, to just get FDA approval, the vaping industry cannot survive.” “On top that, the FDA has no measurable standard to go by.” The government bureaucrats are going to judge the safety and effectiveness of thousands of vaping devices blindfolded.

Vape lovers around the world will be happy to learn that the fight against e-cigarette regulation made big waves in the past week. The Electronic Vaping Coalition of America sent a Letter to Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, on Monday. In this letter, the EVCA urges Gottlieb to change the rules, which include vaping as a tobacco product. In 2016, a law was passed treating e-cigarettes as tobacco products. The directive also contains a costly pre-market approval procedure that dates back to 2007

The EVCA is backed by some powerful supporters in their fight against the FDA. In June of this year, a letter authored by Iowa Attorney General Thomas Miller and cited by EVCA was signed by a number of scientists and policymakers. General Miller, a former Truth Initiative board member and rival to cigarette manufacturers, has taken a strong position in recent years in promoting e-cigarettes’ health benefits. He believes that vaping e-cigarettes is a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco products. Miller made the following point in the letter he sent to the FDA:

Miller added that safer vaping products are subject to more regulation than traditional cigarettes. The more dangerous cigarette products were grandfathered in, and thousands of brands of cigarettes are now widely available without ever being approved.

Miller’s letter provided solid evidence in support of these claims. Miller revealed that the local economies are further punished by punishing vaping companies and smokers who want to quit smoking. The Village of Heartland Board of Trustees came to this conclusion.

The EVCA, however, agrees with Miller on the need for vape regulations–as long as they don’t fall under the same umbrella as regular tobacco products. In their letter, they express their support for the following: “We agree that the General Miller letter premise must be followed to guide the usage of vaping liquids and devices.”

Who is the coalition of vapers blaming? Mark Block believes the FDA administration prior to Dr. Gottlieb was primarily responsible. The director and founder are still insistent on action. “Dr. Mark Block said, “Dr.

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