iMiracle’s Elf bar is among the most well-known disposable vapes and will soon be with a different brand name within the U.S. due to an ongoing trademark infringement lawsuit. The disposables are expected to come under the brand name EBDesign within the U.S. Outside of the U.S., the disposables will sell with that Elf Bar name.


The company that filed against EBDesign is known as VPR Brands. VPR is a vape business that produces both CBD and vape nicotine. They filed for registration of the ELF trademark in 2017 and registered in 2018.

A VPR Elf device is being sold under the brand name “Elf Auto Draw Conceal Oil Vaporizer,” it is available as part of the Honeystick brand. But it is a CBD-based device, not a vape device for nicotine. While the ELF logo on their website directs consumers to the Honeystick item, the one they’re most likely to sue for can be seen on one of the Elf Bar websites. While the website says that Elf gadgets will be “coming soon,” no PMTA approval for such devices has been given from the FDA.

During the time that the case is pending, VPR’s request to grant a preliminary injunction. This will stop iMiracle from importing devices with Elf Bar branding. iMiracle is contesting the demand as they prepare to change the branding of their devices under EBDesign. One of the distributors for the company has also filed an appeal in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office appeals board, seeking to invalidate VPR’s trademark.

The model numbers for EBDesign items will match identically to the Elf Bar models; therefore, the Elf Bar BC5000’s equivalent will be the EBDesign BC5000.


For the average vapor in the U.S., the most important thing to remember is to watch out for counterfeit Elf Bars. Since they cannot be exported in the form of Elf Bars in the U.S., Devices that are sold under this name will soon be out of stock. Many customers will search for EBDesign devices under the original word, which can make it a tempting alternative to counterfeit.

Although smaller disposable devices can change their names very quickly, “Elf Bar” is one of the most well-known vapes, which has become synonymous with a vast disposable, rechargeable disposable. iMiracle has also been fighting for brand recognition and confirmation that its products are sold. It could be a while before their devices are made accessible to the U.S. again.

As supply decreases, finding where to buy the ever-declining stock of Elf Bars will get more complex. A few less well-known Elf Bar flavors could be left on shelves for a time. But, if the months have passed and VPR brands haven’t fully launched their Elf Bars, be wary of stores selling the products.

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