Many people have no idea what e-cigarettes or vaping are. How could they be unaware? People have a plethora of choices today, including alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes were introduced in the last ten years. They were created to be a healthier alternative to conventional cigarettes, as they did not contain tobacco. E-cigs are just the beginning. People are still trying to understand the vapourizers that jumped on board with e-cigarettes. This article should help clear up some confusion about e-cigarettes, vaping, and vaporizers.


Herbert A. Gilbert, an American inventor from 1963, filed the first patent for electronic cigarettes. The patent was never used because people preferred traditional cigarettes and did not want to try something new. Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, picked up the torch Herbert A. Gilbert had left in 2003 by releasing in 2006 the first smoking alternative: e-cigarette. Hon Lik, like Herbert A. Gilbert, had the same idea: to replicate the smoking experience. The look and feel are almost identical to regular cigarettes, according to Hon Lik. Hon Lik, a tobacco cigarette user all his life, wanted to create what he thought was a safer, more effective alternative. That’s why he invented e-cigs.


Smokers started to gravitate towards vaporizers after the electronic cigarette became popular. Wall Street Journal reports that Wells Fargo’s recent study shows that vaporizers have grown twice as fast as standard electronic cigarettes, accounting for nearly 50% of all e-cigs. Why the sudden surge in popularity? Vapers can choose from a variety of liquids for their e-cigarettes. This allows them to customize the flavor, throat hit, cloud production, and other aspects. Vape juice offers different ratios of Propylene Glycol to Vegetable Glycerin so that vape enthusiasts can choose the best one for them. You can also find DIY vape forums that are dedicated to making your juice. We will explore the differences in the following sections.

E-CIGS Vs. Vaporizers…The Difference

  • Flavor: The e-cigs don’t have many e-juice flavor options. To taste like a normal cigarette, they are mostly restricted to tobacco or menthol flavors.
  • Vaporizers allow for greater customization. Cartridges in e-cigs come pre-filled, and it is easier to manipulate the device so that you can get more flavor.
  • Batteries: Due to the size of e-cigs, they have a limited battery life. Vaporizer batteries last for all day.
  • Cartomizers – Unlike vaporizers, you cannot see the cartomizer of an e-cig and tell when it is almost empty.
  • Nicotine: The vaporizer allows for a more precise control of nicotine levels than the e-cig. The nicotine is delivered more smoothly. There is also an option to remove nicotine from certain e-liquids.
  • Refillable: Vaporizers can be refilled with e-liquid. E-cigs, however, require a replacement cartridge once the liquid runs out.
  • Automatic: Initially, the user was required to press a button every time they inhaled. Most e-cigs now are intuitive, and they activate when the user inhales.
  • Cartridges: Cartridges for e-cigs are not always compatible between brands. You’ll need to research before buying an e-cig.
  • Buttons: While most e-cigs operate automatically, vaporizers require that you press a button to inhale the vapor.


  • Rechargeable: You can recharge both with a USB charger and a wall charger. Not all e-cigs can be renewed. Some are disposable. To ensure safe charging, you need to do research and use high-quality batteries and a charger provided by the manufacturer.
  • No secondhand smoke: Both emit clouds of vapor rather than smoke. There is no evidence inhaling the vapor of e-cigs or vaporizers can cause secondhand smoke.
  • The throat hit: Both products offer what is called a “throat-hit,” which is similar to that of cigarette smokers.
  • E-cigarettes and vaporizers don’t contain tobacco. They offer nicotine instead.


The e-cigarette and vaporizer are relatively new and still under study. Even if you search the internet for all you can find, you may still have questions. You’re not the only one with these questions. Millions of people have been researching the various alternatives to traditional cigarettes and what “vaping” is about. Research is the first step if you’re still thinking about vaporizers and all the available customization options. Please explore our website to learn more about vaping. Are you curious about the e-juice choices? Browse our candy Ruthless collection.

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