Many vapers go through a point where they realize they’ve bought much more vape juice than they’ll ever require. When they look at the bottles, a thought is posed to them.


Yes, it is. E-liquid is a product with an expiration date, and it’s not used to show off. While propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are the reason for the expiration time for vape juice is between 1-2 years, the majority of changes that occur in vape juice are caused by the oxidation of nicotine and degradation of flavorings. The effects of aging will differ from liquid to. Generally speaking, older e-juices have lower nicotine levels and less flavor.


There are a myriad of possible things that happen to a liquid you use for vaping as it gets older.

  • SeparationVape juice is composed of various components. Sometimes, the pieces start to segregate. There is a certain amount of separation that is normal; that’s why our bottles have the words “SHAKE WELL.” However, in the event that vape juice is old, it cannot mix, no matter how vigorously it’s shaken. It could also contain crystallized flavors or other debris that isn’t dissolved by heat or mixing. In that case, vaporizing the e-liquid is an unwise risk.
  • Color ChangesE juices tend to darken over time, particularly fluids containing nicotine. Some will become darker over time, particularly nicotine e-juices. This is a normal reaction. Nicotine undergoes the process of oxidation, which is when it chemically interacts with oxygen to change its shape. Through this process, it also turns darker, and so will the vape liquid. If a vape liquid appears darker than it did before or begins to change shades that aren’t brown and yellow, it’s time to change your fluid.
  • Aromas and Tastes Vape liquids must be pleasant to smell and taste when the bottles are new. However, flavors diminish with time, which causes the taste to change or change the characteristics of a profile completely. If the juice you’ve purchased isn’t as tasty as you remember, then the flavor is bad, and it’s the right time to search for more juice.
  • Thickness Generally, vape juice that is thicker or drier than it was before has turned bad. It’s not just difficult to use; it can also cause damage to your coils or leak out of the tank.
  • Nicotine ContentBecause nicotine is degraded over time. The quantity of nicotine in vape liquids will decrease with time, too. Additionally, in addition to tasting bad nicotine, vape juice that is expired might not be enough to satisfy your craving for nicotine.


Each juice is destined to expire in the event of enough time. There are a variety of variables that affect the speed at which fluids pass.

In the beginning, they degrade faster than freebase nicotine. This is due to their chemical properties as a salt rather than being a base. But, e-liquids that contain no nicotine don’t have to worry about the degrading of nicotine in any way.

The flavor of the e-liquid will affect the speed at which the liquid gets ruined. Certain flavors break down faster than others. In general, floral and fruit flavors lose their power and alter before more complex flavors, such as custard or dough. This could result in modifications in the taste profiles that, although not necessarily unpleasant, may be disappointing. Imagine you bought an ounce of Loaded Lemon Bar and were expecting a sweet, lemony treat, only to discover an effervescent puff of pastry!

Although the type of nicotine and flavor might not be something you can control over, however, you can take steps to help your juice last longer. Light, heat, agitation, and exposure to air could all cause your fluid to break down faster. Therefore, if you wish to keep your vape juice:

  • Please place it in a dark, cool location away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not shake or even move your bottles too much.
  • Only open the bottles at times that are needed.


Yes! Steeping is a minor increase in the same aging processes that improve the flavor of juices or make juices more consistent. It’s similar to the operation of letting a fruit mature – the ripening process can make it taste delicious. If you let it too long, you’ll have unripe fruit. The guide to steeping juices explains that it may decrease the life of liquids used in vape cigarettes.


There’s no reason that the e-juice should be ruined outside of the tank, but it is not a problem inside the tank. Because tanks are typically filled with heat and moved around, tanks offer the ideal environment for e-liquids to age rapidly.


In reality, one or two hits will not cause death – that is the reason why many vapers realized there was something odd regarding their vape juice at first. There have been no studies conducted regarding the safety of vape juice. It’s not clear if using old fluids can cause harm or what would occur if you decide to smoke a large amount of fluid that is expired. If you’ve come across this article and are wondering whether your juice is safe to use, We do not suggest it. The primary issue with e-juices is due to the flavoring and nicotine. Therefore, you’ll most likely have a vape that tastes off and isn’t satisfying all cravings for nicotine. There’s no incentive to test it when you can buy the latest bottle.

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