Derriford Hospital is the largest hospital in Devon County and the largest hospital in the south-west part of the United Kingdom. More than 450,000 people are living within the general area of service for the hospital. More than 2 million are within the hospital’s service zone for special services and various levels of health care. Furthermore, Derriford functions as a training center with two schools of medicine.

Derriford is a large institution in the United Kingdom.

The British attitude toward vaping is generally positive. They’re more accepting of the idea that vaping can be a means to quit smoking, but they agree that smokers who do not shouldn’t begin smoking vape. Professor John Newton, director of health improvement at PHE (Public Health England), has stated:

“There is no situation where it would be better for your health to continue smoking rather than switching completely to vaping. … The sooner you stop smoking the better.”

Hospitals across the United Kingdom have begun to take policy-related decisions that mirror the PHE’s position regarding vaping. Two of the hospitals, City Hospital in Birmingham and Sandwell General Hospital in West Bromwich have opened vape shops on the grounds of the hospitals themselves. Then, Derriford Hospital is joining the list of hospitals that have embraced anti-vaping policies.

Derriford Hospital has been tobacco-free since the year 2016. In the near future, it will become “smoke-free” instead of “tobacco-free.” The change in terminology was introduced to avoid confusion. Electronic cigarettes are classified as tobacco products as per the law. But, they’re not considered to be smoking since electronic cigarettes emit vapor, not smoke.


To draw a further distinction between smoking and vaping, areas surrounding areas the hospitals are marked more clearly. Zones where patients are allowed to smoke or signs, as well as drawn lines, will keep vaping.

Smoking is not allowed in the hospital premises; exterior zones of the facility will soon become vape-friendly. In vape-friendly areas, you will see signs warning users not to smoke close to the entry points of the buildings as well as at bus stops.

In addition, the hospital is contemplating giving disposable cigarettes to smokers to inspire them to quit. This is a clear announcement by the institution. The majority of people believe in their doctor. A medical professional giving the patient a vape will help convince the public that it’s secure and inspire them to give it a try. With the new regulations being in place, patients would not even need to leave the hospital to test their disposable.

This is in stark contrast to the US, where there is growing opposition from the media to disposable vapes. While hospitals are contemplating providing disposables to aid smokers in quitting smoking in the UK, vapers, vape shops, and even vape makers are experiencing a rise in legislative bans and restrictions in response to the rash of illness caused by the black market THC vapes. As time passes, the differences between the two countries, as well as their perspectives regarding vaping, are becoming more and more pronounced.

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