Hooray! You’ve switched to vaping and have all the cool gear that goes with it. You deserve to go on a vacation now that you have a more adventurous spirit. This post will discuss the most recent rules and regulations relating to flying with vape equipment. This is the plan for this article.

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In 2019, the laws governing vape gear and travel remained unchanged. Vape pens and electronic cigarettes are permitted in carry-on bags but not checked baggage. Smoking on board is not allowed. Occasionally, when the overhead bins are full, airports will ask passengers to check their luggage. Remove your vape gear if this happens, and bring it on board.

Transportation Security Administration: “Remove any electronic cigarettes and vaping devices if your carry-on bag is checked at the gate, plane side or on board.”

You can keep your mod and 18650 battery in the carry-on bag, but the rest can be checked. You will save space by doing this. Battery safety is important! Click Here to see the full list of batteries that are allowed by the Federal Aviation Administration.

You must also bring your favorite eliquids. When it comes to packing, they are just like any other liquid. In your checked bag, you can get as many bottles as desired. In your carry-on bag, however, you can only have bottles up to 100ml (3.4oz). Leave your 120mL bottles with the checked bag. Travel tip: Keep your carry-on e-liquids inside a transparent ziplock bag. This will make the security process much easier.

Remember that international travel can be a whole new world. Please check with your airport before flying. Although these regulations are in place in the US, they may not be applicable at other airports.

Can you vape at the airport?

Secondhand smoke is different between vaping and smoking cigarettes. Generally, smoking areas are also places where vaping is allowed. Check with your airport to find out where vaping is permitted.

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