March 27, 2019: The fate of vaping is getting closer to finality in California. SB 38 will be heard on March 27, 2019, at 1:30 pm in the State Capitol.

SB 38, the flavor ban bill, is a dreaded law. If it passes, California will be unable to access any flavored vape products.

The “characterizing flavors” include but are not restricted to the following: any fruit, chocolates, vanillas, honey, candies, cocoas, desserts, alcoholic beverages, menthols, mints, wintergreens, herbs, spices, etc.

If you live in California and are reading this, you won’t be able to vape your favorite Ruthless Eliquid flavors. The only flavors left would be menthol or tobacco.

This bill will have a major impact on both the vapor industry and consumers. What will happen to people who opt to use flavored Ejuice in place of cigarettes? The vaping community is well aware and accepts that flavoring has a major impact on the decision to vape. Will the restriction of flavor choices and a ban on flavored e-liquids encourage ex-smokers back to smoking?

The industry is also in flux, particularly in California. Retailers all along the coast are sure to be affected. The sales will drop; the shops will close. Thousands of jobs could be lost in an instant.

This is not a final vote, but it is an important meeting for those who are against the ban on flavors to voice their opinions about this important bill.

Are you in Sacramento? Go to Sacramento and let them know your concerns. Everyone in the industry is involved in this important battle.

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