California’s Senate Bill 793 was approved through the Senate Committee of Health voting on June 6 and June 6, 2020. CA SB 793 was one of California’s efforts to ban vape flavor. It’s similar to the California SB 38, which was ultimately scuttled due to the many modifications that were added to the law.

CA Senate Bill 793 is designed to stop stores selling tobacco from offering flavor-infused tobacco products or flavor enhancers. This bill would not only prohibit non-vape products like hookah or flavored cigarettes, but It could also ban other ways of selling electronic liquids like shortfalls, landfills, and aroma concentrates. The flavors of mint or menthol will also be prohibited. One flavor which can be excluded would be the “taste or aroma of tobacco.”

While it was the Committee of Appropriations approved the bill previously the, Committee of Health also sent CA SB 793 back to the Committee of Appropriations for a second review. This is often because amendments are required or may be added to the bill that will alter how the Committee can choose to vote about the bill.

But, more than changes could have been made this time. It is the Committee of Appropriations that is in charge of allocating or appropriating funds. There has been a lot of change since CA SB 793 was first presented on January 6, 2020. The bill has not changed much. However the state of California and the global community that the bill was designed for have seen radical modifications.

In simple terms, it is clear that the economy isn’t quite as strong as it was prior to. Even in better times, there’s no need to smear small companies as well as the work they create. There is now less reason to shed jobs and a necessity for tax dollars.

It appears that California is looking to force vapes to the public for tax dollars, even though an easier choice is to tax vapes with a reasonable amount. The need for flavor and distaste for cigarettes and the already existing market of similar goods are the perfect mix to create a tax-free black demand for nicotine-based vapes.

We don’t understand what the Committee of Appropriations is thinking or what they will do with the bill. There may be enough amendments to this bill that it will be a non-starter, too. Maybe appropriations will be overwhelmed by other priorities. What it boils down to is that it is yet another effort to destroy flavors and yet another piece of legislation that vapers ought to be worried about.

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