The fight for flavors continues. A meeting was held on Friday, 1st March, at Norwalk Public Library in Los Angeles County to discuss the future of flavored Eliquid. There is a heated discussion within the electronic Cigarette Industry about whether sweet flavors are to blame for the increase in teenage e-cigarette use. The FDA is the main accuser. Since late 2018, the FDA has put pressure on the Vape Industry to stop teens from using it or suffering the consequences. This means that flavors will be eliminated. It is not only the Vaping Industry that will be affected but also those who love flavors.

The Flavor meeting held in Norwalk was full of people who wanted to share their opinions. After the meeting, we spoke with Lionel to find out more about his journey towards being smoke-free. When asked if the flavors helped him stop smoking, he replied, “Hell yes, my flavor was Captain Crunch cereal… It was something I really liked, other than a smoke if I had to pick anything, it was that.”

Many people, including the FDA, don’t consider the impact on the lives of those in the Vape Industry. If a flavoring ban is passed, thousands of Vape employees will be affected. “I could lose my job literally overnight. I work in a vape store… I can’t even sell anymore, I’m without a job.” Lionel says, “That’s my livelihood and they are trying to take that away.” A domino effect will occur in all homes across the country. Sales will drop exponentially if manufacturers stop producing flavors. This will lead to layoffs. Vape shops are likely to see a steep decline in the number of products they can sell. Releases may also occur at the store level. Shops will soon close. Overnight, entire businesses will close, and thousands of people will lose their jobs. Before deciding to ban all flavors, there are many factors to consider.

What is the real problem? Is it the flavors that are really at issue? Is it the marketing of the product in the past that is the real issue? Many in the industry point to marketing as the reason for the appeal of the product. Risque photoshoots or videos may be blamed for glamorizing vapers’ lifestyles. This marketing strategy is criticized by many as it diverts the message away from electronic cigarettes’ intended purpose, which is to help smokers stop smoking. Vape has proven time and time again to be an effective tool for those looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes.


There are many other meetings taking place across the country to fight the proposed ban on flavors that the FDA insists on. Vapers must show the FDA and the public why flavors are important to vapers who want to quit smoking. Comment on the Flavor Ban.

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